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Gibberish surrounding rain made to sound like a real issue


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So the things I've learnt about England's climate thanks to this thread:

> It's wet
> It's cold

Geez thanks for clearing those misconceptions up guys


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Why would anyone want to live anywhere hot. Probably the reason you lot were lounging around whilst we were taking over the world to be honest :ph34r:


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Helping improve the **** you call food. Steal more dishes and ruin them ****s.


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Heatwave. He said heatwave. In UK :lol:
Must admit, this is quite cute.
30 degrees is autumn where I come from

More reason not to play cricket in England. The country's too full of wimps

"30 degrees"

Laugh all you want, eventually it's us poor bastards who have to deal with ball sweat. Give me the cold any day.


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The creme de la creme of your food is the stuff we eat when we are pissed out of our minds.
you haven't even come close to trying the creme de la creme of Indian cuisine mate.

And look at you, using French phrases. Is there no culture you guys won't steal from?


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If they give back everything they have stolen over time, they would have very little left. You know what they will still have? ****ing rain.


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And Murray Mints.

After eleven ****ing years, finally you ****s pick up the cudgels against the pommy swill.


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What are the stats on the number of games impacted by duckworth and his mate lewis? Not quite so bad as match abandoned but still pretty artificial.


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"You cannot have a tournament though where instead of assessing team strengths, you are assessing the role of the weather" - Harsha Bhogle