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For all Football fans here-Select the greatest ever 5 club teams:

Vote for the best 5 Football club teams of all time:

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Hello mates.
this poll is for all Football fans between you.the list includes some of the best Football club teams all over the history.please,select 5 teams that you think were the best of all time.select exactlly 5!
I pick:Milan 89'-90',Ajax 95',Juventus 96',Ajax 71'-73' and Real Madrid 56'-60'
so what 5 teams would you vote for?


Norwood's on Fire
Tranmere Rovers 92-95


Defence, right to left

Midfield, right to left



*AKA God

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Hmm, going from what I've read...

Real Madrid '50s, Busby Babes, Liverpool late seventies-early eighties, Ajax early seventies, and someone else.

I think the United team of '99-'00 is the best I've seen though.


Hall of Fame Member
Association Sportive du Faso-Yennenga, 93/94
Domestic football in Burkina Faso has never reached the heights these guys did back in the day

Boca Juniors, 77
My word, they were class.

St Helens Town, 86/87
Has Chelsea ever won the FA Vase? What's that? No? How about Man U? Arsenal? Liverpool? Well, I'll be blowed...

Partick Thistle, 20/21
Best team to ever win the Scottish Cup, I'd wager.

Juventus 2005/06
Bloody good effort to win the league and get relegated in the same season.


British teams a bit thin on the ground. Especially when you consider we won the European Cup (as was) 7 times in 8 seasons from 1977-1984.

Liverpool under Paisley & Fagin should definitely be there (European Cups in 1977, 78, 81 & 84. League titles 1976, 77, 79, 80, 82, 83 & 84).


Hall of Fame Member
Tom Halsey said:
I think the United team of '99-'00 is the best I've seen though.
No doubt, with Schmeichel, Cole, Stam, Blomqvist, Irwin aka Mr.Depnable aka , Stam & Beckham & Yorke at the peak of their powers was a superb side. The only side i've seen that has come close was Real Madrid from 2002/03..

Tom Halsey

International Coach
aussie said:
No doubt, with Schmeichel, Cole, Stam, Blomqvist, Irwin aka Mr.Depnable aka , Stam & Beckham & Yorke at the peak of their powers was a superb side. The only side i've seen that has come close was Real Madrid from 2002/03..
That was the season after Schmeichel left.

I'm convinced we were a better team that season than we were in the Treble season though, if it hadn't been for a mad half hour we'd have been in the Semis of the CL, and I reckon gone on to win it, and we walked the League by a street, scoring I believe 100+ goals in the process.


Hall of Fame Member
I have 2 thoughts on this thread


i) It is blatent trolling


ii) Its a shame that a thread that obviously has a lot of thought go into it becomes a joke as there is no Liverpool team listed. One of the Fagan (first ever English team treble) /Paisley (3 Euro Cups 77,78,81) teams has to be there. In fact there are no British teams listed and the list is massively flawed.

Also may I ask the poster to read about Cloughs Forest team which won back to back European Cups.

Funny how the teams listed cover a wide period but no teams are mentioned for the 76-85 period.

I will not vote as the list is plainly biased, incomplete and includes some good but certainly not great teams (Kiev being listed for 86 when the won the CWC. The CWC for christs sake!!). :@

Also how can teams from the mid-late 80s be included when the dominent force of the preceeding years (ie English football) was banned from competeing. You can't be the best when you don't compete against the best.
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Hall of Fame Member
steds said:
Come off it, Dave. Both you and I know ASFA-Yennenga's mid 90s team was better.
pfft ASFA/Yennega bought the 95 title and everyone knows it.

If you were talking Etoile Filante 90-94 i'd be with you. Or even Silures 74-81


Hall of Fame Member

Etoile Filante - 11 League Titles, 17*cup winners, 2*Coupe des Leaders, 4*Super Cup Winners
ASFA-Yennenga 8 League Titles, 1*cup winners, 7*Coupe des Leaders, 1*Super Cup Winners


International Coach
Lacking the Busby babes side there, contained some of the greatest players ever (and some who would've been great).... Edwards would've been talked about like we talk about Pele or Best, simply one of the most talented players to grace Old Trafford. Tommy Taylor was a goal machine, Liam Whelan was just coming to the fore and would've been one of the finest strikers of his day. Roger Byrne had a football brain to rival anyone (utds scout who first saw him said he was an average passer, shooter, and tackler, but boy could he play!!! A true sum of all parts player), not to mention players like Bobby Charlton, Jackie Blanchflower (who was as good, if not better, than his legendary brother Danny) and Dennis Viollet (goal machine)


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Marseille 93 should not be on there, they were only successful because of match fixing so they should be taken off imo...