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David Warner Smashes Wigless Joe Root


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well just dont wear a wig for a beard and we will get on just fine.
So David Gower was wrong then, Australia does have culture, it is a cultural thing that you must not turn a wig into a beard in front of an Australian as it is the biggest insult you can do.


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Messing about with a wig is reason to be smacked isn't it. Students the world over best watch out tonight then.
Yeah, theres a reason.......Aussies lost, Warner had a few too many shandies and Root happened to be there (with a wig for a beard)
Neither of you can actually know that. No one knows what happened aside from the blokes who were there. CA were certainly right to stand him down til they know exactly what went on though.


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there's talk that Warner thought Root was making fun of Amla with the wig-beard thing btw.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Who are all these new people? no offense but I fear change.

Ashes I suppose 2005 brought us some great posters, but on the other hand Gimp.
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