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CricketWeb Commentary


Hall of Fame Member
Could probably have done a session or two today as I had the day off work. I clearly didnt think it through.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Do you have to actually be watching the cricket to commentate, or can you be watching something else and just respond to it with comments that would be appropriate in a cricketing context? A bit like Gogglebox.

I was thinking something along the lines of watching Masterchef and screaming "Got I'm yeeeess" when someone bakes an inch perfect souffle, hoping it's at that exact time a wicket is taken in the cricket.


International Regular
pretty geed up about listening to this during the ashes. getting up at 5am tomorrow so will check out the windies v england stream to see what its like, but getting some good commentary from people on here during the ashes would be pretty sweet, especially if we get a mix of aussies and poms (which obv will happen)


U19 Captain
Sounds like a cool idea. But coverage of SA Tests will be slim and I fear for the number of times the ****ing ashes will be mentioned.


State Vice-Captain
How is this Mixlr connected with Facebook? Ever since I tried listening to you guys yesterday Facebook keeps promoting an individual called Heef Davis in the "people you may know" section.