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  • Haha nice, with the alternative band (which I write a fair bit for) the problem is more laziness of the others I find, pretty frustrating but that is one of the many costs of entering the music industry.

    What kind of music do South Africans care for? People seem to dig folk stuff here in coastal Australia
    Well with piano naturally comes theory given my lessons were based on reading and playing music, so in that regard I've studied music, I've also just done a diploma of music, but that wasn't very theoretical - more performance based, the theory I know largely comes from a combination of my piano lessons and my own research.

    I imagine that violin player was incredible, the intonation, phrasing and dynamics were spot on from what I heard. Bands are indeed difficult things, I've played in a few, currently playing in two, one is a pretty generic hard rock band I play bass for and the other is a pretty psychedelic alternative band I play keys and do a bit of vocals for. It's the most fun you can have, especially when you play with good musos but the personalities drive me up the walls sometimes.
    Yeah it's not really rocket science, in fact I find chord stuff easier on keyboard, scales and improv is where keyboard becomes a bit of a nightmare sometimes
    Damn that sucks, mind you piano is where it's at IMO, with MIDI and synths and stuff being able to play keyboard is really handy
    Nice, love the textures and darkness of it all, violin works a treat.

    I'm a few things, keyboardist mainly, bassist too, I can play rhythm guitar decently and I sing a bit too - you?
    Hey man, seems like you've been pretty involved in music chit-chat around here since you've arrived, noticed you said you wanted to create some demos - what kind of stuff do you write?
    Hey, your stuff in the Hughes banner thread has been great. Thanks for putting in the effort :)

    Out of curiosity (and by no means feel obligated to answer, obvs), are you in the design field, or is it just a personal interest thing?
    Just seen your reply here...you are meant to reply on my profile otherwise I wont get a notification.

    Sad to know that they are miserably struggling on the application part (converting domestic form into international). Having said that some of the players who are playing internationals now just dont seem to be of the standard that we expect. Parnell, Behardein etc. being an example.
    Hi there.

    There isn't a lack of talent, there is loads domestically. It's just not translating into the national team at the moment, which is maybe something to do with the coaching structure.

    Miller is a good example: rips it up locally and in the IPL and then can't perform in ODIs.

    Having said that, we are ranked pretty high in all the formats so not doing too badly.
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