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Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread


Virat Kohli (c)
Saw Nicky Boje beat Pakistan in an ODI when I lived in Singapore for a little while. What a man, what a moment.

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One first class match started in 1795 and was completed the following season in order to reach an outcome:

Earl of Winchilsea's XI v R Leigh's XI

When play was suspended in this match in 1795, Leigh's XI were 42/3, chasing a victory target of 78. The game was completed in 1796 at the same venue with the same 22 players when four more wickets fell for 36 runs in registering a three wicket win. The match may have been completed on account of the wagers laid on both the result and individual scores.


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They do it in the NFL. No biggie, would be interested to hear how they go about it.


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I wonder how some of the guys like Gilly, Sehwag or Lara would have played under the new rules. If someone like Rohit Sharma could manage 264 runs despite of being a slow starter, then what would have these guys done at their peak? Not doubting the talent of Sharma here.

I know people usually do not complain about the new rules in ODIs, but it gets just too easy for the batsmen once the first 15-20 overs are over.
Two new balls means not much reverse swing/spin towards the end of the innings. Five fielders inside the circle makes it too easy for a well set batsmen to score runs.

I find it hard to agree when someone compares Bevan with some of the guys who have been finishing games recently, I mean it was difficult to master a chase or play a long innings with the older rules, you couldn't just come in and score with so much of freedom. There is a vast difference between Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib reverse swinging the ball and giving the batsmen a tough time compared to the way the bowlers bowl now. These days the bowlers are ultra defensive and just try to finish their spell with decent numbers.
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Can't decide which is the best thing I've watched today - Virat's cartoon or 8 Nation Trophy.

Both beat out Interstellar which I also watched today FTR.