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Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread


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I like how they deemed everything that happened between September and December of 2012 to be irrelevant, having shifted the goal posts for the awards from being an August to August thing to a calendar year thing.

Must be because India lost a home series during that time. :ph34r:

Edit: So nah, I'm completely wrong. It's still the same time period, they just couldn't be ****ed to do the awards in September like usual. What a farce, people are going to think certain emissions and selections are completely fair and unfair because of it.
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Surely you don't need more than a couple of weeks after you email the stats and whatnot to the committee and get their votes. Releasing it 3 months after the considered period is over is a bit stupid.


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1995 Australian tour of the Windies on fox sport 2 right now. ****ing get in!
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Lara and Hooper putting on a show in the first test :fap:

Holy **** how good was Lara. Those shots from middle/off to the mid wicket boundary. Flog zone.


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"you don't want to stir steve up" - really i can't imagine anything else mark waugh would have done for the first 35 years of his life.