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Caption : Ricky Ponting


International Captain
RP: I think I got the runs

Coach: That's cos you've been practising

RP: No man I ,mean the Runs


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Ricky: coach think i got some genital wharts going on here.
coach: i think you should call off for the world t20 then.


Norwood's on Fire
Even if Brad Hodge kissed me right there, I still wouldn't let him near our T20 team!


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
RP : Coach!! I have got something there!!! Just look through this magnifying glass ffs!!!

Coach: Oh yeah, i see's a maggot. LULz


Coach : Congrats Ricky, now you have mastered the unique style of balancing a bat on the stumps through your legs.


Global Moderator
Now if those baked beans and onion rings have done their work properly, I should be able to make the bat fall off the stumps without touching it.