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Best non batsman, batsmen.


The normal awards that everyone else has
Over the course of cricket history, who do you think are the twenty best batsmen who spent the majority of their innings batting at #7 or below in the batting order?


Cricketer Of The Year
its gilchrist by a mile but if we're going specifically for bowlers, vettori
Nah, Pollock every time. From ones I have seen,

Vettori (eventually went up to 7)
Faheem Ashraff
Richard Snell
Ravi Ratnayeke (opened few times)
Azhar Mahmood
Abdul Razzaq

These are the o0nes I can rememeber. But Pollock, Symcox, Mahmood and Razzaq were possibly the best around.


likes this
Gilly was a proper batsman tho, doesn't fit the title.

Should really be abot guys for whome batting was their second discipline. Pollock and Vettori good shouts for that.

Mahmood and Razzaq are interesting ones. They've definitely played on the strength of their batting at certain times, with expectations to score runs.

thierry henry

Cricketer Of The Year
Daniel Vettori was the best number 8 in the world for a while.
Feels like a bit of an understatement. Statistically isn’t he clearly the best #8 ever?

He averaged like 30 overall but iirc close to 40 at 8? First part of his career he was a number 9 or lower who averaged under 20, he also sucked when tried above 8. As long as he batted at 8 though, he performed like a specialist batsman.


International 12th Man
I think we shouldn't name bowling all-rounders either, some of these guys can bat really well and aren't "non-batsmen" by any stretch.