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Arise SIR Andrew Murray


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Could easily have waited another few years till he retired. Was always going to get one as was Farah and Ennis-Hill but they are older or retired.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, really not sure why they do this whilst the miserablist Scotch git is still playing. Maybe it's the Queen hoping he'll retire so she doesn't have to sit through another of his interminable grindfests.

Oh congrats to him BTW.


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He's fantastic, but it's really weird to give it out when he's still very much in the peak of his career and people will use it as a stick to beat him with, just because he's not as awesome as Fedalkovic.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's a preliminary for granting Scotland independence, given they're not capable of voting for it


International Coach
As much as I defend Murray, I do think this is a little silly. Sure he's had success in the game - lots by a British standard, but not really compared to others in the sport. Its not like he's single handidly dragged the sport from nowhere into public conscious, that would probably go to Henman for rescuing us from the mire. His contribution is great I agree, but it should really have been something to honour him with once he has completed his career and started to give a bit more back into the sport through coaching, PR, etc. At the moment its a bit of a meh title - and from what I've gathered from his interviews, he kind of agreed with this back in the summer.

Compare what he's done to his mothers input. Not only has she coached 2 World No 1's from an early age (lets not forget Jamie's success too), she's been instrumental in turning the womens game around from the joke that it was to one with a top 10 player in Konta, Watson threatening to finally step up (though she seems to take one step forward, 2 back), and Robson being on the verge of the top 20 before injury... I'm discounting Broady's performance purely because she did it without WTA help thanks to the comically poor management they have. Yet Judy gets no recognition compared to Sir Andy


International Vice-Captain
I always feel they should hand out these bongs when the playing career is over - same with England's 2005 Ashes lot.


International Debutant
Murray should refuse this stupid thing, and why is it still a thing we don't live in Victorian England anymore