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3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds


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We will get one of those inquest things now, have said it before but they have actually done well to win so many series at home in the last few years given how awful the batting is. Of course it will be perfect timing because we have the bloody hundred coming next year so the schedule will be even worse.
They will proclaim that the hundred will be the saviour of English cricket.


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England's batting has been trash for a while now. They were terrorised in the Caribbean (bowled out for 50 once IIRC) and were poor against Ireland FGS. Australia's attack is no joke so this is far from a surprise tbh.


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Fifty odd in the 48 series in Bradman’s last test didn’t they?
Was going off the Sky record sheet, looking at CricInfo they were shot out for 52.

Lowest total Australia have conceded since that infamous Sharjah Test where it was 50 degrees. First total under 100 Australia conceded since that infamous Cape Town Test....


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These idiots are actually getting paid for this rubbish. Sunday park cricket would do 1000x better than them. It is a disgrace. The only decent player we have is Jofra Archer

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And if you're counting Smith, even Gooch counts, and he > Root. A top six of Atherton, Gooch, Stewart, Thorpe, Smith and Hussain would honestly be one of the best batting lineups going around if they were playing today. Don't think that would've played much though.
That top 6 played just 3 Tests together. However, Atherton, Stewart, Hussain and Thorpe played in 39 Tests. The other main batsmen in these 39 Tests were Crawley (15 Tests), Butcher (12), Trescothick (10), Hick (9), Ramprakash (9) and Knight (8).
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I think it's time for everyone to acknowledge that there was a touch of Nostradamus about Burgey before the day's play started, even if he was accused of being insane at the time.