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3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds


Global Moderator
Btw this is about what we should have made yesterday, but for the interruptions and 15 awful overs of bowling after tea.


State Vice-Captain
I’m going for 44 all out. Archer to get 6 wickets and Cummins to retire hurt after a bouncer from an angry archer. Let’s go.


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Honestly, I reckon you could pick any of the Shield or Div 1 county teams and have them do about this well.
I bet you could have replaced the entire top 7 with another 7 from Div 1 and they would have shown more fight. Maybe not good enough technique but more fight. Only Burns and Stokes of the current top 7 have shown any ticker.


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Look both sides have quality attacks but you want a contest from the batsmen. This just looks like bullying with test class bowlers up against grade level batsmen. Absolute crap batting from both sides.
Harsh on Australia's effort yesterday. They gutted out an ok score in difficult conditions. England have been a whole another level of awful.


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After wallowing in angst through yesterday, this is such a satisfying bowling performance to have watched.

Burgey, I'm am bowing in light of your brilliance. I imagine others are going to be finding this a particularly bitter thing to do.
They ought to be used to it by now :ph34r:

But seriously, I didn’t expect that. Thought a narrow lead or parity and went hyperbolic saying it’d be 40. Weird game.

Warner nailed on for a ton this arvo. Australia to make 300 plus and roll england for 120 odd second time around.


Global Moderator
Harsh on Australia's effort yesterday. They gutted out an ok score in difficult conditions. England have been a whole another level of awful.
Yeah the shame was just that no one was able to get set after Warner got out. Even a 30-odd in combination with Labuschagne probably would have been good for 250, and looks like Mt Everest from this viewpoint.


Hall of Fame Member
Jeesh. Well bowled, badly batted.

Ashes gone
We will get one of those inquest things now, have said it before but they have actually done well to win so many series at home in the last few years given how awful the batting is. Of course it will be perfect timing because we have the bloody hundred coming next year so the schedule will be even worse.