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26th Match - Australia v Afghanistan

Who will win this match?

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Mitch made an agreement with his brother Shaun (and father Rod) that he'd get injured during the Afghanistan game and the selectors would replace him with Shaun because they've picked too many ****ing all-rounders and Aaron Finch.
I know Rod got into Bothams missus but I didn't know he got into swampy's aswell.


International Regular
So, Watson or M Marsh for next match now that Faulkner is back?
i'd probably give watto another run tbh. i wouldn't have dropped him last night to let him hopefully find some form against the afghans, but having maxwell/marsh/faulkner in some order at 5-7 seems a little weak for my liking. i also don't rate marsh's bowling that highly, if we have johnson, starc and a third frontline bowler we need 20 overs from faulkner/maxwell/watson with clarke/smith/finch all able to roll the arm over as well, which really shouldn't be a problem.

i don't think if watto comes back he needs to bat 3 either. i kind of like smith at 3, maybe watto could slot in at 5 or so. it's a bit of a shame our opening combo is untouchable atm, because i'd like to see watto having another go at opening in odi's


U19 Debutant
I don't understand any of this post. I realise it was written in haste - but you hope he got BMac'ed - what do you mean by that.

Secondly - careless childbearing - childbearing means to give birth to children or at least that is what I think it means. So are you saying he shouldn't have brought the boy into the world...

Anyway - no need to respond I am just having you on - like I said I suspect you like most posters write your posts extremely quickly.
1. BMac'ed = getting hit by a nasty cricket ball delivery/shot and looks horrible on replays, but coming away with just bruisings and no broken bones.

2. childcaring, yes I was typing fast because I don't care about this game, got other stuff in, you know, life. A dad should be looking at the action and the ball if you decide to bring your kid to a cricket match with power hitters going bananas