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2020/21 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 1)


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No available players left in that private message I got from NZT.
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I know who Blocky would say is a good pick for March, when NZT may have some injury concerns. If NZT doesn't like the Blocky-by-association feel to it, he can pick again when he's home. @Athlai now up.


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This gif is unfair on the Stags, but we're getting to that stage in the draft where I help the casual fan with a visual.

Graeme Beghin
Jamie Brown
Danru Ferns
Will O’Donnell *
Ollie Pringle *
Ross ter Braak *
Chad Bowes
Jack Boyle
Sean Davey *
Andrew Hazeldine
Tyler Lortan *
Henry Shipley
Josh Clarkson
Jaydon Lennox *
Christian Leopard
Adam Milne
Ray Toole *
Bayley Wiggins *
Ben Wheeler
George Worker
James Baker
Peter Bocock
Dean Brownlie
Mathew Fisher
Brett Hampton
Brett Randell
Anurag Verma
Matt Bacon
Max Chu
Josh Finnie
Camden Hawkins
Nick Kelly
Jarrod McKay *
Dale Phillips
Mitch Renwick
Fraser Colson
Andrew Fletcher
Jamie Gibson
Lauchie Johns
Troy Johnson *
Michael Snedden
Peter Younghusband
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Damn it Kippax some of us need the last 2 rounds of reserves draft order before all my team quits to coach England and hand out drinks in the IPL


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We all know who's to blame for slowing this draft (and the country) right down. Leftists who are nice enough most of the time but a bit too low in conscientiousness, like Phlegm.