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2020/21 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 1)


Cricketer Of The Year
@Chewie now up.

No obligation to lock in your R10 men now, btw. If you want to put him forward four months from now, that's fine. Just say 'pass, @_____ now up' in your post.


Cricketer Of The Year
NZT chooses Josh Clarkson. @Flem274* now up.

Jamie Brown
Danru Ferns
Will O’Donnell *
Ollie Pringle *
Ross ter Braak *
Jack Boyle
Sean Davey *
Andrew Hazeldine
Tyler Lortan *
Henry Shipley
Jaydon Lennox *
Adam Milne
Ray Toole *
Bayley Wiggins *
Peter Bocock
Mathew Fisher
Brett Hampton
Brett Randell
Anurag Verma
Matt Bacon
Max Chu
Josh Finnie
Jarrod McKay *
Lauchie Johns
Troy Johnson *
Michael Snedden
Peter Younghusband


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Athlai - Devon Conway
Straw Man - Tim Southee
Ataraxia - Neil Wagner
Kippax - Tom Latham
NZTailender - BJ Watling
Flem274* - Ross Taylor
Bahnz - Dane Cleaver
Chewie - Tom Blundell
Vandem - Rachin Ravindra

Vandem - Henry Nicholls
Chewie - Glenn Phillips
Bahnz - Colin de Grandhomme
Flem274* - Trent Boult
NZTailender - Jacob Duffy
Kippax - Scott Kuggeleijn
Ataraxia - Kane Williamson
Straw Man - Daryl Mitchell
Athlai - Tim Seifert

Athlai - Hamish Bennett
NZTailender - Will Young
Ataraxia - Kyle Jamieson
Chewie - Henry Cooper
Bahnz - Ben Sears
Flem274* - Cameron Fletcher
Vandem - Ajaz Patel
Straw Man - Nathan Smith
Kippax - Michael Rippon

Kippax - Hamish Rutherford
Straw Man - Cole McConchie
Vandem - Matt Henry
Flem274* - Jeet Raval
Bahnz - Blair Tickner
Chewie - Matt McEwan
Ataraxia -Lockie Ferguson
NZTailender - Doug Bracewell
Athlai - Michael Bracewell

Vandem - Finn Allen
Kippax - Mark Chapman
Chewie - Logan van Beek
Bahnz - Will Somerville
Phlegm - Will Williams
Straw Man - Seth Rance
NZT - Tom Bruce
Ataraxia - Ben Horne
Athlai - Katene Clarke

Athlai - Ollie Newton
Ataraxia - Anaru Kitchen
NZT - Zak Gibson
Straw Man - Sean Solia
Phlegm - Greg Hay
Bahnz - Ken McClure
Chewie - Iain McPeake
Kippax - Brad Schmulian
Vandem - Joe Carter

Straw Man - Martin Guptill
Phlegm - Michael Rae
Vandem - Robbie O'Donnell
Ataraxia - Ish Sodhi
Athlai - Mitch Santner
NZT - Ed Nuttall
Chewie - Theo van Woerkom
Kippax - Fraser Sheat
Bahnz - Leo Carter

Bahnz - Ben Smith
Kippax - Louis Delport
Chewie - Ben Lister
NZT - Joe Walker
Athlai - Jakob Bhula
Ataraxia - Ben Wheeler
Vandem - James Baker
Phlegm - Chad Bowes
Straw Man - James Neesham

Kippax - George Worker
Athlai - Dean Brownlie
Straw Man - Nick Kelly
Vandem - Jamie Gibson
Phlegm - Andrew Fletcher
NZT - Christian Leopard
Chewie - Mitch Renwick
Ataraxia - Fraser Colsen
Bahnz - Graeme Beghin

Bahnz - Camden Hawkins
Ataraxia - Dale Philips
Chewie -
NZT - Josh Clarkson
Phlegm -
Vandem -
Straw Man -
Athlai -
Kippax -


Cricketer Of The Year
Both Newton and Bennett had injury lay-offs last season. It doesn't work as a like-for-like substitution though; I just take the points of the highest man on your bench who's active in first-class cricket.
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Cricketer Of The Year
I'd like the other seven drafters to briefly weigh in on whether we're lenient or strict on activating a sub in Bahnz's team for Sears (not injured, not ill, not retired).


Cricketer Of The Year

Ferns exploiting that day 2 variable bounce. What a R10 pick I just gifted to Straw Man. He could be cutting it in and threatening the pads and sticks in precisely the way domestic bats don't enjoy it, all season long. I'd promote up the bench, probably.
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straw man

International Coach

Ferns exploiting that day 2 variable bounce. What a R10 pick I just gifted to Straw Man. He could be cutting it in and threatening the pads and sticks in precisely the way domestic bats don't enjoy it, all season long. I'd promote up the bench, probably.
Not bad for someone whose claim to fame last season was as Auckland's most nondescript right arm medium pacer - not fast, not left arm, not chunky medium pace greatness, the other one.

Tbh he looks quite good in that clip, makes the most of his height.


Cricketer Of The Year
Right we could be done here, or maybe we just hit the @Flem274* speed bump again. Please post your bench with the players in the order you want for Plunket R2 and on, if this preference of activation now differs from the draft round you picked players up in.

If you back yourself to do what Vandem did last season with the data entry after rounds, that really is appreciated a lot.



International Debutant
1. Anaru Kitchen
2. Kane Williamson
3. Ben Horne +
4. Kyle Jamieson
5. Neil Wagner
6. Lockie Ferguson

Ish Sodhi
Ben Wheeler
Fraser Colson
Dale Phillips


International Debutant
This Auckland vs Otago match is proving brilliant for my side. Jamieson 5-39 and 3-6, Kitchen top scorer in the Otago top 6 twice in a row and a catch, Horne 162 and 3 catches...

Meanwhile, Rae and Renwick get pairs, Hawkins 1 run between two innings...

straw man

International Coach
N Smith


A team full of batting allrounders that were terrible at batting first round, leaving only the dribs and drabs of part-timer wickets. Southee only takes the field for the first time this morning in a dead rubber. Guptill scoring runs that don't count an extra annoyance. On to the next round.