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*** 2013 State of Origin First Try Scorer***

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Much the same as previous years. First 17 in, will be competing. If we get 18 we can add the penalty in. If we get 19 we'll add the field goal in. But the cut off will be 19, as I'm not going to put penalty try in.

Here are the rules:

This comp is going to be run much like the Melbourne Cup pick the winner.

Put your name down here if you are interested, I will draw the player allocation on Tuesday night, and the person allocated the player who scores the first try will win. The competition will be run for the remaining two games.

Post your interest here. You have until Tuesday night.

Here are the previous results:

2008 Series results:

Game 1 winner - dontcloseyoureyes (Quinn)
Game 2 winner - Simon (Boyd)
Game 3 winner - bobisback (NSW Penalty)

2009 Series results:

Game 1 winner - Mister Wright (Slater)
Game 2 winner - Luffy (Inglis)
Game 3 winner - Samuel_Vimes (Johnson)

2010 Series results:

Game 1 winner - morgieb (Hayne)
Game 2 winner - Burgey (Inglis)
Game 3 winner - 99* (Boyd)

2011 Series results

Game 1 winner - Burgey (Thurston)
Game 2 winner - Prince Harry (Inglis)
Game 3 winner - Spikey (Inglis)

2012 Series results

Game 1 winner - ripper 868 (Uate)
Game 2 winner - Mister Wright (B. Stewart)
Game 3 winner - morgieb (B. Morris)

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Forum Member 		Wins

Burgey			2
Mister Wright 		2
morgieb			2
dontcloseyoureyes	1
Simon			1
bobisback		1
Luffy			1
Samuel_Vimes		1
99*			1
Prince Harry		1
Spikey			1
ripper 868		1


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If you don't get the requisite numbers, can I have Burgetta and Burgeinho in on the comp please?