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  • Mate, I am travelling so I am in a hurry. Would you please pick in Aussie draft so I can pick mine as well? :D
    Not sure if you noticed, but it's your turn in the ODI rankings draft.

    Also, round orders please.
    Yeah I don't think I've ever seen them both have to rights to something; it's typically one or the other. TenSports only for this series I think.

    It's actually covered live on Foxtel here, believe it or not, so I haven't even needed the stream/VPN for this tour yet. Definitely think that if Foxtel can get the rights, Sky NZ should manage it...
    StarSports stuff comes through loud and clear in HD. TenSports YouTube streams seem to be 480p generally which isn't as good as you'd see on a TV but much, much better than your standard grainy illegal stream. I did have issues for a couple of days with Indian server congestion a while ago, but they fixed they pretty quickly by adding a second Indian server. StarSports probably works best with Chrome but TenSports is on YouTube so it should work equally well on Firefox and Chrome.
    Just curious - why didn't you select a player when on-line for a number of hours last night?
    Can't download anything here as I've not got much data on the lodge wifi. Thanks for the tip though, will try again tomorrow
    Goddard was actualy a medium pacer, and I don't think you'd really five seam options as such. I'd probably be leaving Root out just because I rate Goddard's batting higher than Root's, but if you rate Root higher then you should probably leave Goddard out as he's not helping the balance of the attack all that well. The other option I suppose would be to leave out Gillespie.
    zinzan. i will be on very long flights tonight and tomorrow; and probably not be free to participate in your mixed experience draft for a few days. in the mean time, i will leave my choices for the 11th and 12th rounds with you. you can pick for me when it is my turn.

    Round 11: more than 119 tests: I am the sixth in line. My preference of players are, Viv Richards, Kallis, Lara, Tendulkar, Border, Muralitharan

    Round 12: less than 24 tests: I am the ninth in line. My preference of players are: G.Headley, G.Pollock, Shane Bond, Frank Tyson, Fred Spofforth, Jack Gregory, Harold Larwood, WG grace, Barry Richards,
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