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  • It was the way you made your point that was a bit dickish, and tbh I needed names other than those already listed to add weight to my argument so picked on you. It's a bachanded compliment as much as anything.

    Can't deny I was hoping for the subforum to be better though, it's been largely crap IMO. I blame Jono, personally.
    Taking this to VMs, IMO you were a bit toolish over the whole 'ordinary' thing. Which was a shame because IMO you're one of the better Indian posters. Probably unfair lumping you in with everyone else I named though. :p
    Hey vcs, I keep getting a 'relevant knowledge is corrupt, Please use chkdisk functionality' message every few minutes on the bottom right. It isn't effecting me functionally anyway. Know if I have to worry about it?
    I'm fine, thanks! Hows work? (Note that you've been such a miser in divulging information pertaining to yourself that I have no clue as to what you do :p. You're an engineer, right?)

    You expressed an interest in the tennis sim thing. I can't make any guarantees about how long it is going to run, but do you want a player in the juniors draw at Roland Garros?

    If so, just give me a name, nationality and a style and we're good to go.

    Funny that you mention it, 19 min to go, heh. No real hope tbh. Competing with 40k people for 1k seats, thought I did badly so I have no hope of being in the top 2.5%.

    Hopin' my % will get me into ILS, Pune or School of Excellence, Chennai, apart from that. Cheers man. Wish me luck.
    You said something about engg reservations in a post and disliked five point someone so had a rather crude hunch. Dw, I honestly did not stalk you. :p

    Anyway you're a lucky man. Enjoy rollin' in the crores. :p
    Just to clarify you know ,that ODI records don't count and we are supposed to pick for the longer form of the game based on FC records and Test Records.
    Thanks for that.

    Missed it live but saw it on replay and pretty much the same problem again.
    But this time with seam movement rather than spin.
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