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  • Thank you for the kind words... If people give me the chance they will find out I have a wicked sense of humour I really want them to see that than the defensive side. Getting on my back over silly matters is ridiculous. I'm sorry to say there are a few here who need to 'grow a pair' don't mean that to be insulting but there are too many snowflakes looking to be insulted than ask me the relevant questions... There is a gang mentality here and it hurts. No one sees the nasty stuff that gets said about me but yet others will trawl the threads digging up anything against me.

    I will take your advice on board but please can we have peace Cas x
    Yes I'm a decent poster and would like to come on here and talk cricket and make friends but from day one I was attacked and trolled which doesn't set a precedent. I post on forums were there are strict rules and any off topic stuff is deleted and infractions Handed out. If there're unwritten rules then how am I Supposed to know. The gang ignore the nasty stuff about me but continue to harass me without precedent... If people find out more about me than what the trolls on planet cricket decide then things can be cool... I take it you'll publicly humiliate me like the others I have tried to discuss matters with in an adult way... Sadly things break down to a primordial stance and we never get anywhere. We all delve down to the immature level but it hurts me as the gang mentality here is awful... Others just jump on the band wagon and what I have said and meant is lost in translation and twisted and insults to me are forgotten... I'm alone here so if we fix things it can only get better.
    Yeah but my background is not in CS.. This book takes an approach where it uses algorithms to answer questions like how much time should i spend on looking for jobs before accepting one, how many people should you date before deciding that this is the one etc. Just download a pdf and flip through before buying. For somebody who works in the field and has studied it may all seem very obvious.
    Read this book called Algorithms to Live By. Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you might like it too. Decent chance you maybe familiar with all the material in it though..
    Gah you ruined it. Did you look at how easily hb ot riled up. It's ridiculous. I didn't even troll him. You just need to agree with something he disagrees with. Play along ffs.
    Haha as long as its fun.. Easy to get drawn into internet arguments where the other person has no intention of listening to you.
    Hey bro I don't know if you like podcasts but Joe Rogan and Russell Brand talk about these kinds of topics we've been discussing. It's a really interesting listen. What I find remarkable is how accurate I feel Brand's words are re consciousness when he hasn't done DMT (he's a recovering drug abuser) but has experienced similar things through different means. Joe's fully immersed already. It's pretty long though, is good to play even if you're doing something else (gym or something).

    I only wish I could explain how amazingly beautiful and brilliant the fractal patterns and imagery is. There is DMT artwork and eerily the things that remind me of it are ancient things like Mayan, Egyptian designs or specifically the ceiling of some mosques. I am almost convinced whoever designed these (boredpanda.com/mosque-ceilings/) had some DMT related experiences.
    No problem if I get time I'll have a read of that book.

    I am very much like you in the sense that no evidence=useless to me basically for almost all things. It's something I've had to reconcile with this experience and the gravity of it is such that I do with no tangible evidence to share.

    It is hard to get but not impossible, if you ever come across it, don't be scared I'd say. It is different to your dreams. When you dream you see things that you can recognise from your consciousness or memory. The things you see and experience on DMT are totally alien which is why it feels like another entity is showing you them. If it really were influenced by me, I wouldn't be seeing **** a hippie would be preaching about LOL.
    As someone who generally needs proof to believing anything, I'm not sure I'm more convinced of anything as much as that belief after having gone through the experience. Even when I was having the experience, after having these thoughts, the entity (or me, if its me, you can't tell) was showing me level by level as it took me higher...it was removing my senses one by one. I couldn't hear sound at one point or feel at another. It was that way of showing me not to worry about this existence so much, that it isn't the real 'me'.

    It is when I got to that realisation, a very real and ingrained realisation, that I got so emotional. It is like getting the answer to all your questions about the universe and existence. It's an amazing experience. If you are someone that always thinks of things like this...you will be thankful for such an experience. It's harmless as well.
    Sorry, I'm not sure if I'm rambling or answering your question. But I'd say on the point of soul was not to get into airy fairy theories on our consciousness. I'm just saying, I see the body, the ego (which may even disguise itself as 'you'), and 'me' (whatever that is, spark, soul, life force) as different.

    They say when you die DMT is dumped in your brain which is why a lot of people with near death experiences see things. When you breakthrough, you are having an out of body experience in a way. My theory, admittedly with 0 proof, is that once your body dies and there is no sensory interruption; you will ascend to the next plane.

    Right now if you do it you feel like you're ascending, almost dying and going to heaven or something...but you never do. I think when the body no longer is connected, there is nothing to hold you back.

    I know, this sounds all nuts LOL
    I can explain the experiences if you're interested in greater detail, although it's hard, but I am convinced that there is another plane of existence. Whether that is the afterlife or another dimension. It's the truth I was talking about. It's something I had a great deal of trouble reconciling with but I was 'shown' what this life is. And when you realise it, it's like getting the ultimate truth, the ultimate love...it's hard to describe...like your mother's embrace x 1000.

    I don't even laugh out the suggestion that other beings placed DMT on Earth to contact us and tell us about the universe and our existence.
    Without the intervention of the senses, you gain a far better understanding of yourself. It's similar with the sensory deprivation tanks people are using nowadays, but far more potent.

    It's interesting you mention animals because the experience also gives you such a sense of the cosmic connections between things (even at the atomic level) that you also view animals in a far more connected feeling. It seems in a way that they are far more attuned to the natural order of things than we are.

    You go on forums about DMT and if you haven't done it, you'd laugh but as someone who is a huge cynic, I understand the discussions now. I've gotten to a point where I'm basically convinced about a facet of our existence that might sound crazy to some. It meshes in with history or myths as well. I am finding religious connections all over the place, which I have great trouble with because I'm more or less an atheist. But they serve more as markers for the truth, rather than the actual truth.
    The nature of the experience totally divorces you from your body and also your ego. It sounds corny and spiritualistic, but because of it I gained a far better sense of my conscience in terms of what is bothering me. Eating a lot, not doing something enough, etc, things I inherently know aren't good for me. Things in life tend to get hidden behind our ego, that is like a construction of how we want or are seeing the physical world as it is presented to us in our plane of existence. And when you breakthrough on DMT, it's showing you for what you are in a way and is trying to teach you something. It's so vivid, that I was at the point of tears and happiness because it's like understanding a universal truth and also a personal one. It's not a delusional high kind of feeling, not at all. It's as if all these images, feelings and, seemingly, telepathic messages are trying to convey something really deep to you. You are you after the experience but what you've learnt stays with you.
    Joe Rogan tends to explain it well: youtube.com/watch?v=ZJFkICPfgL8
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