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  • Mate, we have some corruption to discuss........drop me an email addtamx at Gmail dot com
    Realised I missed your bday man

    Happy bday beta. Tu jiye hazaron saal, ye meri hai aarazoo

    And you won't even be as old as Burgey
    Many thanks for the thought provoking questions. I enjoyed answering them! There seems to be a bit of a "closed shop" attitude among some of the longer serving members and they see their time in CW as giving them some sort of higher standing than those newer members - and I include you in that category despite the many excellent posts you have made. I definitely picked that up when going back over some past exchanges. So far I have trod lightly and escaped such treatment.
    Kind regards L & L
    I think 15.

    First one was 2005 but pretty sure we didn't have one in 2019

    To help me work out I think these are the winners, not necessarily in order but close

    Neil Pickup
    Thanks man. I am sure I will enjoy the actual travel a lot. It's the planning part that is the hardest for me. I do have a friend or two and some cousins there but not really counting on whether they'll be free so I'll plan it regardless.

    Where did you go? I was never that adventurous at your age haha.
    Wow just came to your wall and saw our last convo. No recollection of that. Did you deliver?
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