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  • Thanks man. I am sure I will enjoy the actual travel a lot. It's the planning part that is the hardest for me. I do have a friend or two and some cousins there but not really counting on whether they'll be free so I'll plan it regardless.

    Where did you go? I was never that adventurous at your age haha.
    Wow just came to your wall and saw our last convo. No recollection of that. Did you deliver?
    awww that's so sweet you actually take the time to check if i'm annoyed
    it's fine im not too fussed
    As the protector of CW I have been relatively happy with your WC performance. However to cement it I would like to see you troll one prominent poster into a ban. Ideally an Indian or Aussie. If you don’t do this there may be consequences. Once you’ve replied I will delete without seeing
    Your Steyn can bowl seam comment interests me withbregard To my final paragraph. He is bad. I might make a post on how a bunch of people got the idea he could bowl seam. But you got the idea somewhere else. Did you decide this from highlights,live viewing, reading ...
    Not necessarily. You only post excessively if your level of posting interferes with other parts of your life which should really take higher priority, such as school, work, or time with friends and family.

    You're welcome. You are a real asset to the forum and probably the best new member we have had in the last year or two. We would love to have you here for many years to come! :D
    Hello Mr Trundler,

    You have now made more posts in just over six months than I have managed in almost your entire lifetime!

    Not only that, you are one of the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and mature young posters we have ever seen on the forum. Even if some posters may occasionally disagree with your views, I believe any sensible member will respect your balanced, articulate and well considered posts.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Hi mate, unfortunately, you'll have to repick in the MysteryBox draft. Harsh already picked player T
    Congrats on the 2000 posts - for a supposed 'trundler', you're flying along! I've been here nearly 3 years and I'm not at 2000 yet!
    Don't want to derail the fast bowlers thread but Imran doesn't come close to Sobers because he never combined batting well and bowling well over any length of time (a one sentence summary of a number of discussions had on this subject in the past).
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