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Recent content by Tomm NCCC

  1. Tomm NCCC

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka

    Hmm, Swann took 4-fer and Built a crucial partnership with Broad, who also chipped in with 2 wickets, and then went on to win the game with Ryan Sidebottom, who had earlier removed both openers and took the last wicket Sounds like Nottinghamshire won this game, not crappy England
  2. Tomm NCCC

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka

    England + Sweep shot = :( Wasnt worth the mad rush home from college
  3. Tomm NCCC

    The CW awards?

    well done bring back the awards, and ill bring back innings of the week
  4. Tomm NCCC

    The CW awards?

    Perhaps do it Monthly, more time for better posts, and you could perhaps introduce broader categories and one offs, a few suggestions The (Insert name of cricketer who made an amazing comeback) award for member who has been absent but come roaring back (or something Perhaps look into threads...
  5. Tomm NCCC

    Caption This : Chris Martin

    you gay, I was planning to top of my cricketweb comeback by doing a coldplay joke. well done anyway :sleep:
  6. Tomm NCCC

    Caption this - Ramesh Powar

    Powar takes the Catch
  7. Tomm NCCC

    *Official* English Football Season 2007-08

    It still ahd time for a wrongly disallowed goal, a missed penalty, and an amazing point blank stop from Hahnneman - in My book thats 9-5 to Pompey but still, Ive never seen a game like it it was just everytime they came forward, they would score and yeah, Forest went and made it 3 wins in a...
  8. Tomm NCCC

    International or FC players you have played against?

    As close as it gets for me is playing against someone who plays for South Wingfield in Derbyshire - I remember getting his outside edge once and the keeper catching it, I went wild
  9. Tomm NCCC

    Dravid Bowled????

    Could Have - you wernt there
  10. Tomm NCCC

    Player with the most stupid hairstyle in International cricket

    Pietersen's Blue hair was shocking The stupid hairstyle I love to hate though is Malinga's - what on earth is going on with that thing?
  11. Tomm NCCC

    Best Bowling celebration you have seen

    Leverocks amazing jig when he got Pietersen in a warm up game this year - that were Brillaint In a more mainstream game, You have to love Monty Panesars woeful high fives and endless energy. But really, considering what happened after teh umpire gave it out, Steve Harmison getting Kasprowicz...
  12. Tomm NCCC

    Who's the greatest opening batsman of alltime?

    ts a shame I have to choose but Id say Len Hutton, always had a certain admiration for him
  13. Tomm NCCC

    Dravid Bowled????

    Yeah he has been bowled, deal with it
  14. Tomm NCCC

    Who would you rather have in your team as a batsman - Hussey or Kallis

    Jaques Kallis - Twice the player and half the age - not quite, but would still rather have him than Hussey