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The Battlers Prince

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  • Would you be all right with my changing my pick to Ray Lindwall? Please post in the thread if so.

    No problems if you're not, though.
    hey dude, as i was fumbling and bumbling around with numbers i'll let you in the averages draft.

    see you there amigo!
    Haha, well, you never know, you will certainly be called upon if I ever pursue a film-making career and I need actors!
    Haha cheers but film-making filled me with more stress and anxiety then anything I've ever done, my ultimate goal is to actually just to write the music for films
    And yeah, there was a tiny reference to FC, but my main influences were 'Momento', 'Pi' and 'Shutter Island'
    Gee thanks man, looking back I had a feature length idea which I tried to cram into 10 minutes, and for this reason the storyline was probably not quite as well developed as it could've been. I'm glad you liked the music and the camerawork though, my main focus was the visuals and the music. I appreciate you taking the time to watch it and especially giving me some feedback, you're a legend.
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