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The Battlers Prince

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  • You may as well pick if you have the next parameter. Howe won't be back fir several hours UK time and stuffed up anyway.
    Hi schearzie. I'll be sitting on a plane for the next day or so, so could please post my picks for me. Here are my favourites in order of preference.

    Rounds 8 and 9 = Clyde Walcott (5) - Stan McCabe (5) - Michael Clarke (5) - Colin Cowdrey (5) - Bob Simpson (2) - Eddie Barlow (2) - Desmond Haynes (2) - Bill Ponsford (2) - Ian Redpath (2)

    If they all go for some reason then feel free to choose a No.5 then No.2 batsman for me. Obviously someone half-way decent. Not Ed Cowan for example.
    I will be online for another hour or so. If Aldo picks after that can you please choose Tony Greig and Gordon Greenidge for me.

    If they get selected then Stan McCabe and Harold Larwood in that order.

    Cheers and thanks.
    4 .ROUND!! 16 greatest movie characters remaining...

    Come and vote for yours favorites..

    I re-opened my movie characters tournament today , so come and vote for your favorites...
    It's 3 Round now, so this is Invite to voting , this time I will finish job..
    thread is on OFF.TOPIC

    See ya..
    Can you postpone the job mate, just until the draft is over? Joking, good luck and no worries.

    Sorry for bother you,but can you please decide this three matches
    Ash Williams 3-3 Roger O.Thornhill
    Agent Smith 3-3 Neo
    John Doe 4-4 Marge Gunderson

    This is from greatest movie characters tournament, we need just one more vote to move in 2nd round. You just make post with your votes
    Topic is on off topic podforum
    Yeah, something like that.

    I totally understand if you give me a dud, though, but if you choose to be merciful, then those are the players I'd like.
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