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  • Hi - where's the image,. I don't see it. Email it through to me and i'll resize it and put it up for you.
    Hi SJS,

    What is your e-mail as I have some stuff I want to send you and to see what you think.


    Hi SJS,

    My email is: genki_kiwi@hotmail.com

    I would really appreciate that. Thank you! Hope you have a happy New Year.

    Hey SJS,

    After a few months of inactivity, Dev League is looking to get up and running again (Thanks to Simon taking on the load). If you're still keen to take a part, I'm sure I speak for the rest of CW Red in saying we'd love to see you participating again :). Sign up thread is here (just your name is needed)

    hi sjs. yes i am here on tuesday. but since i am casting for the hindi film i am directing in the coming year, i have lined up meetings with some busy actors tomorrow. as you know, they are hard to get. so i would have to make use of this offer to meet you the next time i am in town. i will give you a warning before i land up so that u r also able to find time for me. wish me luck. i need to sign on one of the two busy stars i am meeting.
    SJS, please sign in to the CW XI sign in thread, CW Red could do with your morale boosting again this year. Always a pleasure to have you on board.
    McKenzie is very good. They are always expensive but they have rare stuff. Is the McKenzie book hardbound.
    McKenzie has one - £45, so does Chris Saunders but at a silly price - £95 - Ian Dyer has a bound set for £125 - there is always eBay where I picked my set up for about £25 but I haven't seen a set on there for a while - Mack's the best bet - if you haven't done so you should visit his emporium when you are next in the UK - 10,000 cricket books!! - never fails to make me feel like a 5 year old in a sweet shop!
    Dear SJS,

    My email id is bagapath@gmail.com. If I can have yours I will send you my contact details. I would love to pick up rare cricket literature from you. Please let me know what I can do in return from Chennai. May be a boxful of sweets for your family or a good South Indian saree for your mom? Any which way I would like to read up on old cricketers. So let me know how this can be sorted out. I do come to Bombay quite often. So I can pick up and return books easily.

    Siva (bagapath)
    Hi Dale

    I know exact;y what you mean. I have decided quite sometime back that I am here to talk to a select few. My ignore list is long and gets a couple of additions every month or so :)

    By leaving out the riff raff I am able to read the good stuff and also avoid wasting my time with useless responses to mine. Maybe you are doing it too. I find it reasonably effective. Not perfect I agree.

    See you around.

    Where abouts in England are you. I may have asked this before but you know my age :)
    Hello there, SJS. Very good to hear from you. :)

    I do still pop in on occasions, mainly in the England tour threads when a game is on, but I have grown a little weary of the same debates with the same posters who always seem to have the same petty agenda, so have absented myself somewhat lest I get dragged into such cyber squabbling.

    It is however very good to see you & luckyeddie making your long overdue returns to CW and hopefully the standard of debate will rise accordingly. I don't wish to sound too precious, but I like to read posts that inform and educate me about this wonderful game of ours. A few too many posters seem convinced they already know all they need, which is a great shame.


    Dale (BB)
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