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Prince EWS
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  • Embarrassingly, not one of my computers actually has an HDMI port. Since about 2008, my computers and TVs have slowly started to look like the kind you'd see in the background of a Russian porno. ;)

    Chromecast and stuff? Any experience with them?
    Do the TenSport streams look good on say a 42" screen, Cribb? It's worth me putting in some effort getting them there?

    I'm just wondering whether to go to the trouble of researching and buying something before Sunday. I see my television itself has a YouTube app, but I guess that's not really helpful in this instance.
    Reconnected VPN, got the stream going again. Yeah you're right I think! I don't seem to need it to be connected to keep it streaming.
    I can report some buffering problems and going to a 'not available in your country' screen in the last 10 minutes or so, Cribb.
    Ok cheers for that. Will wait until the 11th hour to see if Sky can't come through with some last minute deal. Presumably it's all pretty instantaneous once I get the VPN secured & just a matter of going to the Tensports site. Btw, I think it's exclusively Tensports and not SS that have this NZ/SA series. It will be good if the latter does as well for HD coverage.
    Hey, the express VPN is only $12.95 for the month ($19NZD). Have you ever had any issues with it and what is the quality of the stream (ten & SS) like? Oh and do you know if it's better to run the VPN through firefox and/or chrome browsers? Cheers
    Thanks Cribb. It looks like Heef is going to provide Phlegm with new SkyGo lodgings, so you're looking good to take that slot.

    Let me know if there's any great sites that have opened up for me with this new American and UK VPN access I've got. I've already downloaded some BBC audio I couldn't have got before (my spinal arthritis has me on my feet playing snooker and walking through parks for about ten hours a day these days, so new audio and visual content is always appreciated). Yeah thanks again.
    Don't some/many/most of the new threads in CC seem like they should be merged with other threads?
    Ah, right you are about Goddard & I'd actually checked that earlier so not sure what gave me that idea. Gillespie may well be a consideration. It'll either be he or Root. Cheers.
    Hey mate, as you're not participating in the 'mixed experience' draft, I'm keen to get your opinion on the make-up up of my final XI and specifically, who I omit as 12th man.
    My 12 are;
    Ranjitsinhji/Trevor Goddard
    Graeme Smith
    Ranjitsinhji/ Root
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Everton Weekes
    AB de Villiers +
    Chris Cairns (5)
    Richard Hadlee (1)
    Johnny Briggs (4)
    Jason Gillespie (3)
    Alec Bedser (2)

    I'm tossing up between maintaining Goddard as a specialist opener and 2nd spinner (after Briggs), batting Ranji at 3 and leaving Root out, or alternatively dropping Goddard (since I have Briggs as the first choice spinner) and then open with Ranji with Root at 3, or finally, for perhaps the deepest batting line up ever, leaving Briggs out, opening with Ranji and moving Goddard to bat at 7 (as the sole spinner) followed by Cairns, Hadlee & Gillespie at 8,9 & 10. Cheers in advance.
    Bah. I said he was full of **** instead of calling him a **** like I was going to, because it was a reference to his posting. Damn you cribbage. I guess I'll have to take one for the team haha
    Thanks for posting the 'call of the board'. Harry has a vascular tumour in his brain stem called a Cavernoma. Surgery has been postponed to Friday while the IV corticosteriods arrest bleeding, inflammation, and swelling of the tumour. So now in sleep deprived waiting around bedside mode. Discovered that Red Hill and the Draft is a nice escape from reality which is pretty ordinary at the minute.
    Hi PEWs. Could you please take over the Draft for me as my son has been urgently admitted to Westmead Kids Hospital to have a lesion surgically removed from his brain stem. Probably in the next 24 hours depending on how the neurosurgeon views the latest batch of MRI scans. Distraught.

    Please complete my team for me. Allan Lamb/Bill Edrich in Round 10 followed by Roy Fredericks/Gary Kirsten in Round 11. Or whoever if they get picked. Thanks.
    Mate, Why doesn't CPL run anymore? If you're looking to run it again / looking for someone else to help you running it, give me a shout.
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