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Prince EWS
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  • Two episodes in, and I'm liking the show a lot. I loved how they reintroduced the central characters in the 2nd episode - the safer choice would've been to reverse the episode order to begin the season. So far, so good.
    Sweet. I love trying to outsmart bookies before the first test of the series.
    Hey mate, Asad Shafiq is paying $9 to be paks leading s order in the first innings, seems juicy right? It's because SB have Azhar playing
    I am sure you have probably discussed this already in various topics in CC but as you might be aware, I haven't been as regular as I would have liked..so I probably missed it and just wanted to hear your perspective :)
    Dude can you tell me what's 'analysis by checklist' and 'skill absolutism' ? I would be greatly interested to know.
    Haha, I've seen it (thankfully not while eating my dinner). It's one of the most out there prologues I've ever seen and seems to be very divisive amongst both fans and critics (the same can be said about the show itself of course). I actually thought it was fascinating. While I had to avert my eyes away from the screen at times, I still was completely glued to what was going on. I have no idea how it all connects to the larger storyline, but I can't wait to find out. What did you think (of both the opening and the episode as a whole)?
    Hey mate im out with low battery.

    RedHill is up but after that can you pick for me either:

    1 Jimmy Pearson
    2 Andrew Tye
    PEWS, Do you have any historical data around what %age of times openers became the highest scorer in an innings, %age of times no. 3 became highest scorer in an innings, and then no. 4 and so on till no. 11 (separately for test, ODI, and T20)? If yes, is it possible to share that data with me?
    It involves drafting players before the season starts. I've made a post on CW, still keen?
    Hey want to take part in my Matador fantasy comp? BTW, how good are those BRONCOS, soooooooooooooo good I tell ya.
    Hey mate, not meaning to be a dobber or whatever, but user "Mullarkey"s avatar is pretty risqué. My son often has a look at cricket web with me and it's pretty p_rn.
    Using m.youtube.com/pair is another way to go about getting the current Sri Lankan Test onto my lounge television tomorrow, I think. I've tried to get the full replay of the NZ ODI from my tablet onto the telly, but of course the TV then tried to connect without your VPN cover, and failed. ;)
    Thanks Cribb. Yeah my tablet is modern enough, not in this official list of Chromecast supported devices I'm looking at though.
    DVI-D to HDMI is what I'm after isn't it Cribb, if I was prepared to temporarily set up a clunky and old PC in the lounge this weekend.
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