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  • Neat. Not bad.

    YouTube - ‪Belong- I Never Lose. Never Really‬‏ is more my thing though. Especially loud.
    'Fan' might be a bit strong, I have a couple of albums and enjoy some of the stuff. Some of it less so.

    The second album is really good though
    Mate, please don't tell off a poster like you did in the Indians are Dravidians thread. It will only lead to a flame war, as you are well aware.
    Wouldn't say I'm an expert as such, but have a lot of time for the whole trip-hop thing.

    Maxinquaye & Pre-Millennium Tension are great albums, but I haven't bought one of his since the latter, so can't really comment on his latter work.

    marcussjd9?s Music Profile ? Users at Last.fm

    Have been listening to OK Computer and Kid A on my PC though.. seeing as I've nearly ran my 10 hours of Spotify dry
    I hold you accountable for the increasing amount of Radiohead I find myself listening to
    Nothing changed.. I just read up on more details. I still don't like the GP business but no school is perfect. The rest of their curriculum seems really solid though...should prepare you well.
    BTW dude, you been watching the game of thrones series? Enjoy your time before med school. Read a little on HYMS...seems like a good place actually. You should have a lot of fun :). Work hard, we'll compete on who gets into a better specialty! :D
    Heard a bit, but so long ago that I've forgotten their aesthetic completely. Consider it on the to-listen list. Speaking of which, check out that squarepusher abum I recommended on the thread a few weeks back.

    YouTube - Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry
    YouTube - Squarepusher - Steinbolt

    My two favourite tracks from the album, both completely different and showcase the variety on show.
    Why don't you go rub marmite over your nipples while you listen to Radiohead you ****ing **** ****
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