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  • They fall into that "admire rather than love" category for me. I prefer Loveless to Isn't Anything fwiw.
    You're better off with some Ride tho. All the flange & sustain abusing but with actual tunes.
    S'all right, innit? Not what I'd normally go for, but some nice percussive stuff in there.
    Surprised you'd dislike Noel actually. Liam I understand (even though I think he's the ****ing dog's bollocks)
    In seriousness, try this and let me know what you think. Only a 90 second clip but
    Brand new Vauxhall TV ad - Football - YouTube
    I can see why hardcore fans wouldn't like it, but at the end of the day it was done by George Martin and his son, Paul and Ringo love it, as do Yoko and Olivia, so it's not like someone has vandalised their tunes, so to speak.

    Abbey Road is quality, White Album would be the next best for you I reckon. They are all great though.
    It's sweet mate, really imaginative and I still notice new bits when I listen to it now? Why do you ask?
    Never been a massive fan, tbh. Too willfully quirky. Was genuinely pissed off when her debut album (called, er, Debut) beat The Boo Radleys' Giant Steps to the NME's best album of 93 garland.

    If you want a Scandinavian singer/songwritery bird try Stina Nordenstam. And She Closed Her Eyes is a minor masterpiece.
    Just had a listen

    Lovely piece of music, don't know if I could sit through a full album of it. Be interesting to see how that fuses with songs Noel has written.

    Gonna check a few more pieces out.
    Nice one, I'll check that out tomorrow.

    Be gutted if you like the Noel album.
    I don't know much about them. I have a 22 minute remix that they did of Falling Down (the last oasis single) which came on its own on a 12" if you bought the single bundle (got it on iTunes later on as well so I could whack it on my iPod) and it's good. Weird, but in a good way.

    They have also worked with Noel for his second solo album. He's recorded two, you see. One which comes out in October which is the more 'oasis-like' record and another that comes out sometime next year which is a collaboration with them. Don't know what to expect really other than it'll be different.

    Anything worth checking out, downloading etc?
    That is gold

    I get that paper free, only ever look at the back page for news on the whites then bin it
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