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  • Yeah it was sweet man. Solo stuff sounded great and huge singalongs for the Oasis stuff
    only a snippet, but here's a clip of that song i told you about

    Dream On [Explicit]: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads

    track 2
    As soon as the new Noel b-side is online in linking you to it. It's been getting played before he comes out at gigs and you would love it. There are crappy crowd recordings of it on YouTube but the proper version will be out there soon
    More detailed reply now I'm at a computer - yeah I think they're great. Saw them mainly because the woman is a big fan, but they are excellent. When I say "thought you might like them" - they seemed like your sort of thing but at the same time, their fanbase seems more similar to the Oasis one than the likes of your sort of stuff, if that makes sense.

    Love their latest album anyway, probs best yet
    Yeah went to see them a few weeks back, top stuff.. Thought you might like them.
    no idea. this seems to be a bit of a strange release pattern from radiohead in this the tkol era, as if they're doing what the hell the please. which makes sense for radiohead.
    Yeah, big fan. Hope is (or at least was) quite the vixen too. If you like them you might wanna check out the Cowboy Junkies too.
    Hey sorry dude, been crazy busy with exams coming up. What's up? FB messages might be ideal since they go right to my phone.
    CricSim - View Single Post - How many times a day do you think about Neil Pickup?
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