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Neil Pickup

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  • Hi Neil

    Just a quick one about the IC 2010 game. I read your review with some interest

    Difficulty - Is hard difficulty what it says on the tin? I can't stand easy games. It's the reason I fell out of love with the BL series.

    Shot slection - does the CPU play actual shots or does it still allow hooks from yorker length deliveries?

    Leaving the ball - Do the wicketkeepers have a job or does the batsman still block or play everything delivery? It was actually this that annoyed me the most.

    I think that's it. I enjoy your reviews, especially the 09 Ashes one because it articulated perfectly my utter frustration at how desperately poor it was. I swapped after 5 days.

    Hey mate, I sent u an email, did u get it? Was to the address listed in the staff contacts thread
    Unfortunately I'm with the fanatics the next two days. But hopefully I'll see you thursday and/or friday morning, as it's just me and another mate. Glad you enjoyed today!
    hey neil, kind of a large ask, but are you able to upload or send me a copy of magpie the team editor
    All right mate. We'll sort something out for certain. I'll be in touch closer to then and will leave my mobile on here or on msn. We'll be three up so you'll probably prefer to miss a day I'd imagine.
    Hello :)

    Yeah thats my Dad. He said this would probably happen and I think he sent a message asking to delete his account?
    Any chance of you contributing in the Hall of Fame thread Neil? Interested to see if you'd go for any non-playing characters.
    Not sure how wrong it is that my first thought was suicide :/ Guess that's Ashes Withdrawal symptoms for you....

    But yeah "tactical removal" of idiotic step-family ftw.
    Hi Neil, I want it to be known that I've accepted pratters apology but I don't want to make a new thread which will be closed, could you post it in the ban announcements thread or something please?
    The only person of whom I know got their results for it got rather higher. The school (as far as I'm aware) doesn't do FS Maths or ICT, and I'm unsure what what the school expected. Thanks for the help btw :)
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