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Neil Pickup

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  • Mate that will be terrific - fantastic to catch up, we'll get James in as well if you're up for it, and a few of the other lads who are around that time.
    Hey mate, youre coming for the Ashes I undersatnd - iirc you're doing the Sydney and Melbourne tests? If so, we really ought to catch up with a few of the lads - Nixon lives in Sydney, I'm around, there are plenty of others. If you're up for it we could do a decent arfternoon/ evening on the turps at some decent pubs around the joint. No pressure mate, just let me know down the track if you're keen
    Cheers, I've been involved with some coaching in school and for my local side(when they were attempting to form a youth side) but neither the school or my club actually ever managed to get an XI out on the field.

    I might look into the course though as it's definitely something I'd love to do in the future, even if I have to wait a while for the experience side of things.

    Thanks again for the reply.
    Hey Neil, have been meaning to drop you a message for a week or so but keep forgetting. Basically my general enquiry is how did you come to be a county coach? What steps did you need to take?
    Cheers for the help in the schoolwork thread, I was just wondering if it was possible if you could put the realtionship between e and ln into "simple speak" for me.

    G'day Neil. Just wondering if you're doing any more work on BC2006. Hit me back.
    Ok sounds good, I'm meeting Mitchell there around 2-3pm, so it's prety much a case of just whenever you please tbh, last train back to Reading is around 11.30pm iirc, so any time in between will be fine.
    Hello Neil sir,

    Mr Morris has informed me that he will be visiting you on saturday evening. Mat Mitchell has also mentioned that he needs to be in Oxford on Sunday afternoon. Would you be up for a drink on Saturday eve? Mitchell will in all probability be around Reading with me anyway, so it seems like a good chance for a CW meet, you in?
    You wouldn't have the 1.01 patch DLL's and other misc files for ICC2002 would you ?
    Sorry to ask, but after a re-install of my OS i've lost them. Online updating is down (even through Dan's site) and has been for a while.

    A bit silly really. I bought the game twice, second time - on rerelease budget, it came with an extra folder with the patch included for you to cut and paste into the game directory..now I can't find that version.


    Any help would be greatfully received.


    Paul Clarke
    Hey, did you see the post saying he'd bowled out most of the leading run scorers in the Kent Premier League?? :p.
    Urmm was just a quick one to mind if I could add you on msn later, just you're obviously a knowledgable bloke when it comes to cricket etc. Just wanted some impartial advice with regards to offspin and batting. Just a few questions I wouldn't mind answered/discussed. :)

    Hiya, is there any chance you can delete your post quoting me in the Atul Sharma thread. Be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    effectively you would just like me to alter the code so that it outputs the scorecard to being black text on white blackground? as it's presently white on black?
    hey there

    my name is ahamed. first of all thank u for making a software like AutoScore.
    well its lyk this. i was in search of a software like this for quite a lot of time and finally found it in here. well i jst need a small help. is it possible for u to like make a small addition to the software?? i think its really a small thing to do for u after making such a complicated software. is it possible for u to make i mean have a button which wen clicked will export the current match into a web page or with white background and black text. or at least into an XML file. if by any chance u are not developing this software anymore, is it possible for u to send me the source code of the software. ive got a friend of mine who is a software developer and he will be able to help me out. the code of the software will not be shared with any one else.
    i need this very urgently coz our match starts next thursday so i need the system ready ASAP.

    thanks a million times in advance!
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