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Neil Pickup

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  • Hi Neil. I got back my results for school tests today, and I'm quite dumbfounded by one of them:

    FS English unit 1 L2 Grade: 2
    FS English unit 2 L2 Grade 1
    FS English unit 3 L2 Grade: 2
    FS English Grade 1
    Points 12.5. Is this good or bad? Any help is appreciated.
    It's unfortunate that GIMH's abuses and personal remarks didn't invite any censure whatsoever. I find now they are deleted.
    Working till 5, out tomorrow evening. Next time you're playing in the local give more notice and I'll try to sort something out.
    Hey Neil,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Ordered my copy of International Cricket 2010. £21 from Amazon, couldn't complain with that price after the review you gave of it.
    If it's turd, then a pox upon your house and Exeter's season :P
    Thanks for that Neil. I am a bit sceptical about this product as well. I may have to look up one of these hand held speed guns.
    Hey Neil,

    Mate you wrote on this thread (http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/coaching-equipment-forum/41224-ive-just-bought-speed-gun.html) that you bought the Speedtrack speed radar. I am also looking at buying it but I'm not sure how suitable it is to cricket.

    Can you just give me some feedback on your experience using the product and whether it is reliable to use it in the nets to check out your bowling speed. I am a bit confused as to where you put this thing. Do you put it behind the stumps? The reason I ask this is because on the specifications it says the range is between 9 to 18 metres (30-60 feet), however the length of the cricket pitch is 20 metres.

    I'd appreciate your feedback.

    Any chance I could get your aunt's name? I know someone who used to go to All Saints; would be a funny coincidence if they were taught by her.
    Sorry to bother you again Neil, but is there any chance you are going to get the development on BC2006 going again? If not, no worries.
    I have a minor bone to pick with you! Ended up going to the Turf Tavern, which is amazingly hidden away, open beams and a decent terrace in the sun but wasn't on your list! Long story short, the evening went very well and it matters little.
    Made the thread, would also be grateful if you could read over my article in the staff forum :) It's rubbish but it's quite short.
    General reply was mens gloves + inners were the way to go, really useful :p
    A few recommended Kookaburra, not sure if they do youths sizes but apparently the mens are quite small.
    Are you going to a shop where you'll have an opportunity to try them on?
    "Either way, I think we've said at least eight times that witch hunting isn't really what we're here for, and even this incompetent no-show of a moderator picked that up."

    hahahahaha loved that
    Hi Neil, I think we might well have been in contact many moons ago. I was surfing Cricket Web for the first time in ages and saw your blog. By happy coincidence, I have a good friend who has played for both Butterleigh and Thorverton (Jon Hull if it rings any bells).

    Wanted to get in touch to ask about submitting an article on Somerset CCC to CW. I have my own blog - Scrumpy & Sixes but liked the idea of writing a preview of the SCCC season and wondered if that was of interest? At some point in the murky past, I wrote a few articles for this website and seem to be a Staff Member still which may or may still be ok. I'd need a heads-up on procedure for submitting an article as it's been years.

    Many thanks, John Fuller
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