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  • Unfortnately still can't it. If you wouldn't mind submitting another one when you get the chance, that would be great. My MSN is nixonja@hotmail.com if you want to chat about anything btw.
    Can't seem to find your Join the Team app form. My gmail doesn't bring anything up with a search for "Manee". Could it have been under a different name?
    Did you complete a Join the Team form at the time - Cricket Web - Join the Team ?
    Hi mate, i was reffered to you for some serious help as i am a new fastbowler. I live in Holland, orgin is SL though. I am left and wanna bowl fast. i need a good chat with you. Is it possible for you to be on msn, if so here is my id ilayathalapathy@msn.com. If you can help me, it would be very great! Cause here in Holland where they hardly know cricket it is hard to fine someone for help.

    thanks already
    Please check MMA thread for fight offer, 'CWFL 2- The Redemption',and training rules
    CWFL would like to offer you $2000 to fight Will Quinn at 'CWFL 1- The Beginning' with a $2000 win bonus.

    Please accept or decline in the thread
    Mate I thought I would give you a bit of friendly advice, james & the mods have asked if people can not accuse posters of being precam and rather pass their suspicions on to them. I just thought I'd let you know and hopefully you can avoid any tellings off etc :)
    Manee do you mind checking out my video in the coaching forums, I've heard you know quite abit about fast bowling. Any tips you have for me would be sweet.
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