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King Pietersen

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  • I think Murali Vijay bats exactly like I do. Well, has the exact same batting stance as me anyway. FFS, I hate Raina for hogging the strike.
    Rangers will win the premiership this year? Wtf, I don't remember writing that... or did I? lol

    Or did I actually write that?
    FTR, you know that team that I scored the century against about a month ago? Rangers will win the premiership this year.

    Has your season started yet?
    I'm a man of my word. The immaturity, baiting, insulting and spamming on your VM box is over until I get bored again.
    I'd just like to make an apology for my behaviour towards you. For a fairly long period of time and especially in the last fortnight or so; I have been extremely disrespectful towards you in various ways and have always tended to have cross the line. My taunting, abuse and overall offensive gestures directed at you stops right here. No moderators have put me up to this, this is all on my own and I take full responsibility for my immature actions throughout the better part of the duration that I have known of you. This is not a joke, or a ploy to lure you into some false sense of security - I will not continue my past actions towards you in any way, shape or form. However, I can understand if you have a hard time believing this or if you still have any hard feelings. I am open to being friends with you and discussing cricket, how your going with your cricket and what not, but if you do not want that then I will respect your wishes and stay out of your way.

    I've emailed you - just to reiterate, please report anything using the report post function. It makes our job a lot easier because we can't see anything that happens on the forums.
    Swear Ben makes more posts on your wall than posts on the forum. Just an observation :)
    I dunno, I didn't think you watched it coz there werent many England players innit 2 begin with. My bad. Go on msn?
    Oh and btw, I showed this really hot chick a picture of you and said it was me and now she wants to go out with me. Could you please send me some more pics of yourself to show this girl? Also what colone do you wear and how do you get your hair the way it is?

    But seriously, do girls know that you post on cricket forums and how indepth you get with your posts?
    TBH, the only way to get you to reply these days is by posting a pic of a chick. I'm trying so hard to be your friend, but you keep pushing away.
    Nope, I went out with her in year 7 before I moved up to NSW. She just added me on facebook the other week and we've caught up a bit. I don't stalk girls, so I don't know where you're getting that from.

    Why don't you show any pics of your ladies?
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