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  • Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Doesn't bother me all that much tbh. Ducks happen. I wasn't a big Ravi fan when he was playing in Sri Lanka either tbh. Only been a fan of his for a year and a half I'd say.
    Doubt it. You'll be the one eating you words. You were the one saying Angle would just come in and win a UFC title. That won't happen. He's not beating Lyoto Machida, Mauricio Rua or Rashad Evans at LHW and isn't beating Velasquez, Dos Santos, Lesnar, Mir or Carwin at HW. He stands the best chance of beating Lesnar out of those HW's, but due to Lesnar's size I don't see Angle beating him. Angle wouldn't stand a chance against Velasquez or Dos Santos. They'd maul him in the 1st.
    Agree with the above.

    YouTube - US Olympic Gold Medalist/Pro Wrestling Star Kurt Angle Discusses His Future Move to MMA

    Looks like your boy wants to fight in the UFC. Just needs to make sure he's fit and quit Pro Wrestling and Dana will probably give him a fight or 2. James Toney's just signed with the UFC, he's not fought in MMA before, is the same age as Angle, but was a former professional boxer. If Angle's fit enough to step-up, and his training with Eric Hibler has prepared him correctly he could still be a force. Randy Couture's still fighting at 46, so if Angle gets into it now, he could still have a couple of years left in him. Interested to see where this goes.
    Haha, not sure about the 1000 runs, but it could happen. Just depends what happens on Sunday. If the knee holds up then I could be ok, but if it doesn't I'll need to get it checked out.

    Started the season last week as well btw. Bowled all 6 of my overs to a bloke that made a quickfire ton, and only went for 26, so was pretty happy with that. Just over 4 an over, canny argue with that. Then I didn't get in with the bat till the last 2 overs, and tried to slog one across the line against some pie chucker and got out for 0. Pretty annoying, but I had a good net last night and batted nicely, so hopefully it'll go well Sunday with the bat. We're fairly low on players too, so I might get a chance up the order.
    Oh yeah, also, don't think my season's going to last long. My knee is royally ****ed. Feels OK running on it normally, but into the bowling stride and the actual motion of bowling is very painful. Hurts to fully bend it and feels like it needs to click. Pretty frustrating.
    Not at all. OK bowler, but hugely over-rated as a batsman. Has completely flopped at International level and will only succeed on the flattest of tracks. Reminds me of Afridi; on his day he can take sides apart, but those days are few and far between. Pietersen's the far better KP ;)
    Ben, obviously NZTailender was out of line in his post in the "Openly gay cricketers" thread, but he was warned by the moderating team. There is no need for you to then insult him back. Please remember that for the future.

    All posts within the exchange, and those commenting on it, have been deleted.
    Campness is irritating, I'll give you that. I don't see how someone's ***uality can affect someones voice and mannerisms. Quite strange.
    Haha, I don't know mate. I just presumed that you meant that the team you scored the century against won the premiership. Who knows. :L
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