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King Pietersen

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  • I don't think Lillee was all that great, tbh. The fact that he was an outright **** on a cricket field probably has something to do with him being ranked allot higher then he should be.
    Do you think that you are a good fighter and that you would beat most guys that you know in a fight?
    I reckon iif Angle does make the transition then you'll be eating your words big time pal and i wont let you forget it :P
    Tip: If you get to 25 or so then make sure that you do not do anything stupid. If you get to 25 then you'll feel as comfortable at the crease as ever and it is the time to cash in and make atleast a half century. In my worst season ever, I passed 22 only twice in 14 innings and produced 52 and 129. You can do it aswell.
    For some strange reason I just opened up facebook and it came up with this:

    Your current email is thewonderfromdownunder91@msn.com. Please add a second email below:


    Wonder why it randomly came up with your email? :S
    BBC NEWS | Health | Scans see 'gay brain differences'

    "In other words, structurally, at least, the brains of gay men were more like heterosexual women, and gay women more like heterosexual men."
    Yeah, well I've already taken precautiously measures and have put several of them on the ignore list. Too much ***ual predators out there online and I'm not taking any liberties what-so-ever. I also think atleast one of the ring-leaders from that discussion has something to hide aswell.

    I seriously don't have a problem with homosexuals, I just dug myself into a hole with my initial comment in the thread which was a bit misleading and it was turned into something else. As soon as Got_Spin said something along the lines that he doesn't like the feminine characteristics in the minority of gays then I was like ****, that's what I should've said, but it was all too late. So, I've been trying to save my reputation for the past couple of days and failed. Ah well.
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