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King Pietersen

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  • NSW Fullstrength 1st XI
    Phillip Hughes
    Phil Jaques
    Simon Katich (c)
    Michael Clarke
    Shane Watson
    Steve Smith
    Brad Haddin (wk)
    Brett Lee
    Nathan Hauritz
    Stuart Clark
    Doug Bollinger

    NSW Fullstrength 2nd XI
    Usman Khawaja
    David Warner
    Ben Rohrer
    Dominic Thornley
    Moises Henriques (c)
    Steve O'Keefe
    Peter Nevill (wk)
    Beau Casson
    Nathan Bracken
    Trent Copeland
    Josh Hazlewood

    I think the real question here is what doesn't Hooper know about your sister?

    So start talking, you've got some splaining to do, buddy.
    Lol, it's so random. That's why it's funny to me. If someone else had've done it before I did then I would've laughed even harder. So anyways, hows your sis? I've been told she's a bit've looker.
    Well that is a pretty good laser don't you think? Compare it to this one where it barely comes off...

    YouTube - Laser Tattoo Removal

    Doesn't look like it gives the people any significant pain, atleast not as much as what my tattoo did..
    Nah, not regretting. I'd just prefer to have "belief" instead of "est 1991" but its no big deal.

    YouTube - Laser Tattoo Removal

    What do you think of this video?

    It's only a really small bit of the tattoo so it wouldn't take very long.
    Ah ****, I should've read about it more about saying that. Someone wrote this:

    "i had a tattoo on my wrist lasered 3 times and it was £50 each time. it hurts like nothing you've ever felt before, they get this laser gun thing and make you wear eye protection and then when they shoot the laser onto your skin - it's like you're being stabbed with a welder!"
    If you didn't watch that youtube clip below then you need a serious trip to the woodshead, boy.

    anyways ive finally decided what im going to replace "est 1991" its gonna be "belief"

    Belief starts with the letter B and ends with the letter F and its a word which I associate myself with allot..

    looks awesome, tbh... thoughts ?
    i think that you should watch this... hilarious :D

    YouTube - Trish Stratus Plays With Steve Blackmans Big Stick
    Oi Kirk, you should get this tattoo'd on your back... It means Pride, Glory and Honour

    My dad's first name starts with M, but I'm not going there and I'd get my mum's first and middle name initials only. I wouldn't talk **** about the BF either, how does your mum feel about having 'Manley' as her last name? I'm buffing up to make the tattoos look better aswell. Almost got a six-pack going now. Just need some pecks and arm muscle.
    No, I'm thinking about getting my mothers initials tattoo'd on my peck and it being the same size as that MMA guy you posted in the Tattoo thread.
    Yeah, being 42 years old, it's a bit late don't you think? Prior to 2003 he would've been the best fighter in the world. Now considering that we're argueing something that'll never happen, let's go back to the tattoos. I think I've come around on your idea, I like the Kanji idea on the chest peck, but I think I wanna get English writing that looks like Kanji instead of actual Kanji.
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