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King Pietersen

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  • Why isn't god replying to my messages? I think I'm having a mid-life crisis, almighty one. : ' (
    [King Pietersen Pray]

    I swear to god, it was like an angry mob singing karaoke on Christmas eve. It was that ****ing bad.

    [/King Pietersen Pray]
    You're such a god on these forums. I'm seriously considering making up a completely new religion in your honour.
    evertonfan has a cricinfo profile :O

    Matthew Roberts | Cricket Players and Officials | Cricinfo.com
    How hilarious was Bollinger accidently kissing the VB logo on his shirt instead of the Coat of Arms? LOL
    Pitches I play on are fairly even contest. The ball tends to hold up in the pitch and the outfields aren't always lightening fast. Bowlers are only around 110 - 120kph, which means that the first 20 odd overs when the ball is new is difficult because the ball does do a bit but after that it is pretty easy. Spinners usually take most wickets after that as it is generally difficult for pacers to take wickets after that period.

    1st Grade pitches are batting paradises though. They're flat, fast outfields and ball coming onto the bat. My 1st grade team chased down 400 this season. Lambert made 206* and took 5/50 I think.
    Oh, coz someone who opens the batting in 2nd grade who is the same age as me went over to England last year and played in the last stage competition before county cricket. He scored a century and a few half-centuries but the last 2 seasons he has averaged in the mid 20's in 2nd grade. His played a bit've 1st grade aswell. He said that the training nets (which are uneven and two-paced) would be considered flat compared to the pitches he batted on in England. His a pretty good cricketer, 2-3 years ago, him and Luke Doran were basically on par, but he hasn't improved that much, hence Doran has catipolted way ahead of him.
    Sadly no. But as soon as I saw the scorecard I went to your PM box to remind you of that comment you sent me the other day; sarcastically applauding Hayden's batting. ****, he didn't get a 100 again.
    my season the way it was =/

    MyCricket: Fairfield - Liverpool

    did well to average 20 considering i only got three 20+ scores for the season and 8 single figured scores out of 13 innings, dont ya rkn?
    Kieswetter? Lol. I've been meaning to ask you, why do all of the South Africans that play for England age really early in life? Prior is balding, Trott is balding, Strauss is balding and even Pietersen has a tinged grey hair or two. I'm not even going to get started on Tony Greig. I think it's got something to do with the pressure and stress of having to carry the rest of the deadweights that represent England but I wanted to get your opinion on it. :P
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