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Recent content by Jakester1288

  1. J

    CricketWeb Commentary

    pretty geed up about listening to this during the ashes. getting up at 5am tomorrow so will check out the windies v england stream to see what its like, but getting some good commentary from people on here during the ashes would be pretty sweet, especially if we get a mix of aussies and poms...
  2. J

    Finger Spin Megathread

    I got back into cricket last season after 3-4 seasons off, trying to become a bit of a batting allrounder who can bowl handy offies. I'm capable of bowling some really good deliveries, I get a lot of turn and bounce on synthetic wickets but haven't been able to bowl on any turf wickets since my...
  3. J

    26th Match - Australia v Afghanistan

    i'd probably give watto another run tbh. i wouldn't have dropped him last night to let him hopefully find some form against the afghans, but having maxwell/marsh/faulkner in some order at 5-7 seems a little weak for my liking. i also don't rate marsh's bowling that highly, if we have johnson...
  4. J

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    The update is simply so bad, I haven't heard from anyone who likes it at all. I used to use CA for domestic scores but now I just use cricinfo.
  5. J

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    Does anyone know how to get the Aussie cricket fixtures to sync to google calendar with this new ****fest of a CA.com.au website? edit: found it but they haven't updated it to the new fixtures anyway.
  6. J

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    Surely losing one of your parents would hit you harder than losing a (team)mate, right? I understand it's partly around the circumstances of the death but still...
  7. J

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    who are these evil monsters you speak of?
  8. J

    ***Official*** Australian Domestic Thread 2014/15

    i'm just using cricinfo now because the new site is such a ****fest. i don't give a **** about reading how people hit their runs and **** anyway, i just wanna see the scorecards and that's it really
  9. J

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    So it's between Siddle and Hazlewood for the 3rd quick spot and otherwise we know what team we're going for? Are we able to bring someone else into the squad if Clarke isn't up for it?
  10. J

    ***Official*** Australian Domestic Thread 2014/15

    everything about this new site pisses me off
  11. J

    **Official** South Africa in Australia 2014

    19 @ 21.58 tbh
  12. J

    Big Bash League 2014/15

    you're really into this huh brockey?
  13. J

    Australian captaincy succession order?

    If MItch is anything like his brother they'll both end up injured before long.