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  • Where into the second round though.... I'll get through to round 3, don't know after that. Haven't you played and quit before though? my team is half decent. Starting to get back into battrick again, I'm guessing you don't have multi's on bt? :P
    1. When the admins have voted on it.
    2. We may have let you have the second account. Too late for that though.
    Yeah I'll remind you,
    What's your team name?
    I'm not very good, been playign a while but have no interest in my team. Prefer From The Pavilion TBH.
    hey mate couldnt help but notice ur post in the thread about watching the cricket online. any chance u could send me the link?

    indeed i am jakester. didn't know you were a wrestling fan - come check out the wrestling thread in the general sports forum - there is some quality discussion in there usually
    Hey dude, currently the off season in the Dev League, if you want to head on down and get playing some club cricket. :)
    **** man..are you serious. I hope cricsim gets working very soon. What do you rekcon you happen.

    I've heard about this merk guy aswell..sounds like a fagg. Can you link me to the reserve forum mate
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