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  • Cool, yes would be excellent to go with them, anyday is fine with me at this stage and may end up going to a couple of days
    You interested in seeing a day of the test...could invite other cwers along as well...let me know
    Thanks for your note on cricsim - I am unable to return fire there to your wall. I don't know if I read your article correctly but I think it is an exaggeration to say that the basin would get 2500 for a single HRV cup game.

    Personally I think the only thing that will get me into your camp is if Wellington cricket or transmetro set up a commuter express bus from the basin to the train station. Then I will get on board your bandwagon. Right now it takes me over 90 minutes to get the basin.
    Won't be in on this Friday, but will be working the next. True, true. Might just have to wait until there is some cricket on for that.
    Hey man, how's it going? I'm just sitting on a beanbag in the sun, drinking beer. Brought back some Basin memories. Anyhoo, I'm working at The Rogue and Vagabond. The perfect place to catch up over a beer. No tui, or Sol, in sight. Feel free to pop by and say hello. Maybe we could organise a CW meet-up and get our drink on....
    I still am. Is this some plot to lure me into a dark alley and knife me in the kidney?
    The atmosphere is pretty amazing. You are so close to the action, even though it doesn't look like it on TV. I did a tour, and even in the nosebleeds on the upper deck it's almost like you are on top of the field. Of the three games I went to, the fullest it got was 32,000 out of a capacity of 45,000ish and even then it was a great atmosphere. That and all the food and craft beers available, even if you don't like baseball it's a must if you're in the States. I definitely will give you shout, in the mean time you'll probably have to hunt around for a bar that actually sells Sol. ;)
    Sweet! Sounds pretty awesome. I've heard that most people come out at least once, so you did well. I really should get around to doing it one day. I got back on Sunday. Canada was amazing, although the highlight of the trip was the baseball in Seattle, I'm pretty sure there is some footage of me on ESPN as a home run flies over my head. I'm actually heading back to Wellington next week to start the big job search, hopefully that all goes well and I'll be a Wellingtonian again. I saw that the Basin got the Boxing Day Test back for like a week before it ended up in ChCh. Was so excited and then so gutted. Anyhoo...
    Hey Heath, you got an email address for the club, so I can pass Martin's article onto them?
    Thanks. Yeah, should be pretty epic. Also dropping down to Seattle, which won't be as epic, but baseball!!
    Wow. That's an awesome trip. I've been meaning to do it myself.

    Unfortunately I'm off to Canada for a month from the start of the month. I hope you have a good time, and spend lots of cash in Wanganui, the economy needs it. :)
    Was tempted to add "votes for KiWiNiNjA will be preferenced to Cribb" on that round, but I see the allure of voting against him has solved that problem for now :p
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