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  • Yeh won't be a problem. Should get it done. I usually wait around to see if u post it and if u don't then i get involved straight away, so won't be any drama what so ever. Enjoy!!
    Haha, i will do the tie breaker vote. I actually even decided on who to vote for so i got no dramas what so ever in casting the deciding vote.
    Hey Heef, I don't mind either way to be honest. Do whatever you feel is best.
    Ay, I'd prefer not to, truth be told. I just CBA with battles really, and I don't need battles to find-out how popular I am or amn't. Thanks for the notification.
    Hi Mate,

    Still keen to meet up for sure. I understand you're right on wed or thurs?

    Your opponent in the CW Cricket Championship (link) has provided their email address, so you now have to challenge them to a 5 over match to begin Round 1.

    Go to CW Cricket (link), click on multiplayer, enter your opponent's email address and follow the prompts and you're good to go.

    Good luck!
    I am going to try and only pick players that I have seen

    Ian Salisbury

    If 7s picks him then Ill be annoyed :-)
    4 days, and this will be gone.

    Than we can be crankin' all day and night long!
    Cut it out guys, anymore of this and you risk losing the ability to private message.
    Hook me up boiz, I be crankn' for sum weed bro.

    To the Indian Test match AWAY!
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