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  • Haha, nah I don't love backyard cricket quite that much Heath, just we need to get down to the capital in the next few weekends anyway, so trying to kill two birds if poss.
    Mate, looking less likely we'll be down this weekend now, but will able to confirm tomorrow. Cheers.
    Heath mate, were they selling team jerseys at the Ireland Windies game? I wanna grab an Irish shirt at their game against South Africa but I don't know if they'll be getting sold, thought I'd ask.
    Is it possible to pop around sometime before 12.30? And I had better find out your address!
    Hey! You are more than welcome to my almanacs. I found a handful of cricket annuals too, and there are likely a few biographies if you want those. If you have any spare baby stuff, that would be brilliant - but I am just happy to give the books away to a fan. You are in Petone too aren't you? I am happy to drop them off when I am visiting the transfer station and Sallies if you are around tomorrow.
    Yeah man, same here. Will even be bringing my own chairs this year, and my own missus.
    All good. I shall see you there beneath the Pohutukawa tree. Like I said drop me a CW VM if something comes up before then as I will be checking on Phone.
    I may be half an hour late myself as I may have an errand to run first thing in the morning.
    After you leave I will hook up with another mate and see out the day.
    Cheers and thanks for the advanced notice of your movements allowed me to do some planning around it.
    Lets touch base on our VM walls on saturday night if that is ok. It sounds like it may be best if I make arrangements to head in with a couple of peeps I know on Sunday and then excuse myself for a session or so when you come in. But would need to know a bit more about your movements in advance. So if that is ok please provide another update in due course.
    Are we still on for this...thinking further about it if we need to message each other on the day for some reason perhaps we can leave VMs on cw as I have a smart phone these days, Anyway let me know if all is still a green light when you get a moment.

    Perfect. I will see you on the Sunday, I expect I will be able to find you in your normal spot. But just in case can you cricsim pm me your mobile number? I plan to get a match pass and go to at least 3 days.
    Yeah man. I'm thinking of going to the first two days over the weekend. How about yourself?
    Have you heard back from the other two yet?

    I am probably going to go along on day 1 with a mate of mine - so would prefer the day we pick for 16Tins, KN, you and Me to be any of days 2-5.

    If Day 1 is the only day they can go can you let me know and I will see if I can shift him to day 2 (which should be possible)


    Trust all is well with you.
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