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  • Yeah you might find it easier having taken a break, I find it really helps getting some time away from it and then going back.
    Yeah just under 10 years! That is scary haha.

    I think I like the editing best, but that might be different if I were writing fiction. The satisfaction comes from stating something very clearly or, less often, beautifully, and that only really happens when I edit because I write by getting something down then repeatedly improving it.

    Fiction would be a whole other experience I guess?
    Yeah, hopefully you find a bit of time. I'd definitely read it.

    I have a draft due with the publisher in August and it's just about on schedule. By then I'll have been working on it more or less full time for 3 years, and that's with a co-author, utterly obscene amount of work.

    At this point it's so hard to imagine myself writing as a hobby haha, it's a very rare day when I actively enjoy it. But then when I did that year studying engineering I really missed it, that's how I ended up writing for CW.
    Yeah I'll have to give it a spin, not got back into reading since going back to work after Christmas. You doing much writing these days?
    I have one of his books on the Kindle but not got round to reading it. He’s the Norn Irish crime writer?
    Came here expecting to see a bunch of ****s wishing you happy new year on Dec 31st but it seemed everyone has gotten wise to not being a ****

    p.s. happy halloween
    The current legal system of San Marino began on October 8, 1600. The government gave binding force to a compilation of Statuti written by Camillo Bonelli,[2] covering the institutions and practices of Sammarinese government and justice at that time. It was written in Latin and contained in six books. The title in Latin is Statuta Decreta ac Ordinamenta Illustris Reipublicae ac Perpetuae Libertatis Terrae Sancti Marini.

    The new system was an update on the Statuti Comunali (Town Statute) which had served San Marino from about 1300. Existing institutions, such as the Council of the Sixty, were carried forward from this period. The Statutes form the basis of all law in effect today, so it may be the oldest constitution of any existing nation.
    How do chap.

    Sorry for my tardy response. Don't hang around CW quite as much as I did in t'olden days.

    But yeah, HMHB are awesome. Humour in music can be quite tricky to pull off & they manage to walk the line between mordant wit and farce and seldom tumble into the latter.

    Knew he was a big Tranmere fan. Once saw him interviewed on some late night sports thing (might have been "Over The Moon" with Danny Kelly, but can't honestly remember, so long ago was it) and he was asked if he knew of any other famous Rovers fans. He replied something like "Elvis Costello is supposed to be, but I've never seen him at Darlington on a Tuesday night".

    Big cricket fan too, I think. Can't be too many bands who've called a song, "****in' 'Ell, it's Fred Titmus!"

    Seemed a good egg and glad you've confirmed this!

    Hope you and yours are all good. Have a merry yuletide if I'm not about before.
    Yeah he's good thanks man. Could be sleeping better but could also be sleeping much much worse. He's healthy and the other half is pure trooper so it's all going well.

    It's a bit cliche but the whole "It changes your life instantly and comprehensively" is very true. Great fun though on balance.
    I haven't I'm afraid. The little one isn't giving us very much time off atm.

    Would an audio only version translate well? The daily commute is currently proving to be my best shot at consuming content.

    Sidebar, the PotP episode with Bill Murphy is excellent if you haven't yet gotten around to listening to it.
    Sorry misread your message. Yeah, it's quality. Really sums up how life should be lived.
    Have no clue? I will reply to the member in the vain hope of having a better explanation. Without actually telling me what the problem is I have no idea, not being obstinate just PLEASE!!! Explain. It isn't hard.

    I do have the right to reply and make points if they disagree with those points then say so in a constructive and informative way. I find it two faced where there are post which contain **** and ****** and generally 'slagging' off and insulting behaviour. This in my opinion is ruining the threads as it just counteracts the flow of intelligent conversation with immature rubbish which drags this site down. Reason for reporting, harassment, no reason or legality to contact without fact.

    Kind regards, Emjo. We'll see if I can ascertain some adult response from you.
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