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  • What difference does that make anyway?:p He is perma banned and I don't see how what I said is bad to anyone else here. One way to find out. Why don't you mods ban his IP for a while and see if this stops?
    Bro, I know that if I went to discuss books or something on a heavily american forum and some village idiot said something to the effect of "Boring easy game where the bowlers are allowed to throw and the most successful bowler of all-time is a bloke who bowled at 50 mph, Lol whatajoke" about cricket, I'd want to punch the ****'s face in. Apologies, okay? Didn't know the forum had any serious fans and was doing some random piss-taking.

    Is there a thread or something where I can see what penalties are incurred for what offence???
    Ok. I will be careful in the future. What does this warning mean btw? Does it earn me infraction points? Or if I commit this offence again I will be banned???
    I can't see it now either - sorry for the false alarm. Somehow it got deleted. Promise you it was there. Please lock or delete my thread in site discussion.
    Not sure how that wasn't disparaging comments on race/nationality, and worth 50 points? Surely that's different to trolling/baiting for example talking about Murali's action etc. They're not even comparable.

    At the end of the day you're saying that what he did is the equivalent to avoiding the filter. They are worth the same amount of infraction points!
    Hey mate, what did Afridi say that seems to have caused outrage, or do you have a link?
    Yeah I appreciate that. Was just confused, no bother

    Commisserations on the loss, I was really rooting for you guys
    Hi. Did my post laughing at Shri's post get deleted? Seems a bit random given Shri's post is still there?
    Hey there,

    I would like to change my username from IndiaLose to IndiaWin. Can you do that?

    If not is it okay I open a different account? You can delete this account. Let me know.

    Wait it was linked to a youtube video. I revisited the link and I see that it was perhaps the caption on the video that you had a problem with. But I assure you my intention was just to post the song. I have captions turned off for my youtube, so I didn't see them first up.
    Yeah man, gonna try and stay active, but its just too tough right now. Might have to put in my notice at both CW and PC. Only reason I even had time this weekend is because of the blizzard crippling our area. Part of the reason I'm not active I guess is that I've completely lost interest in cricket for obvious reasons. Not sure how many matches I'll bother to watch this time around.
    Hey Fuse, thanks for asking. Life has done a bit of a 180 for me (mostly in a good way), which leaves very little time for anything else. Some weeks I'm lucky to get online for 4 hours. How are things with you man?
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