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Recent content by Bluefox

  1. B

    Sign Up For CW Grade Cricket

    edfield seahawks please
  2. B

    The Colts Thread

    top win that good stuff
  3. B

    The Colts Thread

    my goal is just to contribute in any games i play msn/email-bluefox424@hotmail.com
  4. B

    Club Cricket 8-9 Signup

  5. B

    Club Cricket 8-9 Signup

    Name: D Tucker Club:Texas Email:bluefox424@hotmail.com Intentions:Hopefully bowl lots of overs and get a bit of a bat.
  6. B

    Dev League Season 8 (Sign Up Here!)

    shame about the loss blues but happy with my 4 wickets.
  7. B

    *American League* in the USA

    Name: D Tucker Email: bluefox424@hotmail.com Contract: C Expectations: Do plenty of bowling and batting.
  8. B

    Name conversion?

    DP Tucker
  9. B

    **Dev League Season 7**

    couple of good wins there blues going good lads.
  10. B

    **Dev League Season 7**

    good win blues close one though.
  11. B

    **Dev League Season 7**

    another very good win blues we are going along nicely.
  12. B

    **Dev League Season 7**

    another good win blues and very happy with my own game as well.
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    **Dev League Season 7**

    good stuff blues keep it going.
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    Cricket Web ICC Team

    good win that and on a personal note it seems the women and 2 bottles of wild turkey really helped my form might do that before every game.