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  • Cheers mate. Appreciate that.

    Gutho derives a Nobel Prize for putting up with all the **** going on around him. From what little I saw, Hayne actually played really well. Word is he's told the club he's going back to Fiji next year with a view to the 2020 Olympics. Whether that's in Rugby Sevens or in gymnastics, I don't know.
    I realize I probably came across as quite strident in the politics subbie. I don't mean to attack you at a personal level, you're a poster I have a lot of respect for (even if your political views are trash). Appreciate your considered approach to things, even if I don't agree.

    We can, however, both agree that the Eels were very unlucky last night.
    No worries mate, didn't mean to offend either, and I usually enjoy your perspective as you often have a bit of a fresh take on things.
    Yeah it's less technical and dry. Only thing is it can get a bit narrow in focus and forgot to put things in a total big picture context sometimes though, which is obviously important in a topic as huge as the Cold War. All these anecdotes are fun, though.
    His approach to history is definitely very different to mine, he's a lot more about stories and personal stories and the individual characters involved, which is a interesting change from what I usually tend towards.
    Yeah this one is six hours, which is pretty intimidating. I don't think the length is undeserved at all though, tbh I've even had a few moments where I wish he could have gone into something in more detail or depth.
    Starting the Hardcore History podcasts starting with the Destroyer Of Worlds one, they generally this long?
    I was actually already there when I started with POTP (Facebook arguments with the anarchist founder of the LDP were probably my biggest influence), but I've come across a bunch of people who were something ranging between classical liberal and minarchist that ended up anarchists just through listening to Dave Smith and/or Tom Woods.
    Haha, just saw that Corrin got you into POTP (by stalking his wall actually, not yours). I give it six months until you're an anarchist. :p
    Haha that was an awesome episode. Good place to start.
    Knew you'd like it.
    Same here. Jason Stapleton is right up your street too if you’ve not listened to him.
    Ever listened to Dave Smith’s part of the problem?

    if not then what the hell are you doing with your life

    hes also got a comedy special called Libertas our and that’s great too
    alas I once was in my youth, I stopped playing or following games altogether a couple of years ago as they were somewhat interfering with my ability to live a proper life. Couldn't regulate my use so had to cut it altogether.
    My dragon control and timing is still god-awful, but I think I'm getting a better sense for ganking. Even an awful failed gank can give your laner some free farm, or result in the enemy becoming over-confident and offering up an easy return gank after taking a camp. The keys seem to be staying busy and trying things that aren't too far out of the way, as well as being a little bit unpredictable.

    How's the WC3 community looking these days btw? Looking to get into it a bit more with uni finished for the year
    What would you say the best course of action is as a jungler for a badly losing lane? They repeatedly ask for ganks, and either the opponent is warded to the teeth or so fed that they get a kill out of it anyway. Many guides seem to suggest forgetting about that lane unless the tower is under threat, and snowballing the winning lanes harder/pushing for objectives elsewhere.
    Yeah I just go top or mid usually. I play support only when the ADC is a friend, because I'm terrible at it and it's a very unforgiving role. Will start working on jungling soon too probably as most top-laners can manage it.

    I've checked out Dyrus and Voyboy, only through youtube though. Never seem to be able to catch their streams online. Find it quite fascinating watching high ELO and world champs streams, it's really intense at times.
    I'm pretty new to it, only level 21. Mostly just play it socially but always looking to improve. What roles do you main at?
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