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  • Hey up. I'd completely forgotten tbh, the EPL tipping taking a fair chunk of time up, so if you wanna do the honours feel free. :-)
    Just a reminder that your Last Man Standing: Ashes 2009 tips are due in just under an hour.

    The question is: Will 6 or more wickets fall on day one of the second test?
    G'day tozza. If you fancy getting your Ashes predictions in, see the Features forum for details.
    Please check MMA thread for fight offer, 'CWFL 2- The Redemption',and training rules
    ok..i am online on yahoo duirng 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM india time you can just Buzz me even though i will appear offline
    Hey mate. Could you put tonight's battle up? I'm out until 8pm (should kick off the next battle at 7.30pm I think), so it would be useful if you could step in.

    Given the epic nature of the current battle, one of us should really be voting in it. Do you want to be the tiebreaker, or shall I?
    i have added you ....in my yahoo account sajith_pr @ yahoo .co.uk

    i will be online during day time in India you will see as offline though ..but Buzz me and check whether i am online or not
    hai i am right now in Cochin...but my native place is near to calicut...you coming to kerala as a tourist or part of some team ..asking the same because you said calicut specifically. usually few tourist visit the north side of kerala..for any news on kerala or any help i am at your service...
    Hey mate, doing a survey on the blood bank, would be very much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions below:

    How many times have you donated blood?

    Why did you give blood?

    Have you stopped going back? If so, why?

    How did you find the experience? Was it satisfying?

    Does it bother you that you don’t know exactly who will be receiving the blood?

    How would you rate the level of service by staff?

    Where the waiting times to give blood long or short? If the former, did it bother you and would it impact your decision to donate again?

    Would you give blood again?

    Is fear of needles and pain a significant deterrent for giving blood again?

    Do you feel the Blood Bank does enough to target and market towards you to return to give blood again?

    What could be done by the Blood Bank to ensure you give blood again?
    Hey, just checking you know that there's a new WCC draft round up - it's not totally due for a few days, but most of the teams have submitted, so it'd be nice to get through this round today :)
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