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Agent Nationaux

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  • Salaam Agent. Just a request mate, please don't call out posters like you did here. It leads to acrimony and that's something we'd like to avoid. Hope you understand. Cheers.
    Hey, don't mind my comment about the ****iness of Pakistani fans. It was made in half-jest.

    Only half-jest though. You guys had still better watch your step :p
    Well a big congrats to Pakistan and their fans, including your good self. A great performance.

    Enjoy it mate :)
    Yeah mate I can't air my full opinion as a term of my probation but it's been pathetic the way some have tried to claim this victory as theirs.
    Yeah, this is the only group photo I've found so far. I don't like Umer in the pic either. Where the hell is he looking?
    Haha, yeah I saw that. Couldn't believe a fan would bet against his own team!
    Congrats to you too! You always had the faith so should enjoy this even more. :)
    Prefer Afridi tbh. No idea where you got the idea I hate his celebration from tbh.
    Haha, I'm fine with the bet as it is. I made the terms, so I'll be sticking to them.
    unfortunately I have to be at work so won't be able to go. Sunday is also a working day here
    Yeah, unless it's unusually dry, you'd back it to be a bowlers' series. Long way off still.
    Oh thanks mate. I suspect I'll be returning the congrats today sometime.

    Was a bit surprising to me really. I thought this was india's best chance to win a series here since the mid-80s when we were really bad. Mostly because of our batting frailties, but also with the unsettled attack we had.

    It was a great effort by those bowlers. Pattinson, Hilf, Siddle, Lyon. They were all good, even though Lyon didn't get too many wickets, I thought he bowled well against some really good players of spin.
    Thanks dude, ya I a post a lot on ICF as well. Ya Great support for Pakistan this time around, but dont get me wrong its more because of enjoying seeing England getting beaten in unfamiliar conditions than the joy of seeing Pakistan win. The hostility between the groups of fans is still there and between periods of calm, there will be name calling going on. I guess thats because of the passion with which the game is followed :)
    Perhaps the sell-sword wants money. Perhaps he wants to be a Lord (like Bronn). Perhaps he fancies being a priest. Regardless, the point remains that he has the power to decide who shall live and who shall die. Not the King, the Rich Man, or the Priest. That fits the profile of the Eunuch - the real power broker.

    The three power brokers in ASOIAF are the Eunuch, Littlefinger, and Tyrion. Those are three men that traditionally should have been no where near being influential. Yet they knew that real power doesn't come from money (the richest man in Westeros is dead), religion (High Priests can be bought), or being royalty (several Kings are dead). It comes from who best plays the game. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. :-)
    I think the point of the riddle really is that the power lies with the sell sword. He decides who lives and who dies. That's what the Eunuch was emphasizing - that you don't have to be a king/priest/ or rich to play the game of thrones. You have to position yourself to where they need you to hold on to their power, and hence in essence you have all the power. Basically it's better to be the King Maker than the King. That philosophy suits the Eunuch, Littlefinger, and the dwarf.
    I don’t think being a Muslim and being a Progressive are mutually exclusive. I’m biased of course, but I think of the Abrahamic religions, Islam is the most progressive one. Of course, it depends on whose interpretation of Islam you are going by. If you were to ask the Taliban, I’d probably be labeled a non-Muslim because I don’t believe in their vision of our religion. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. As I said though, I don’t really fit neatly into any “category” as defined in that poll. I can be very liberal on certain issues and conservative on others. In the US political spectrum, I definitely support Progressive candidates. That’s because whether I agree with them or not, I know they won’t try to impose their views/religion down my throat.
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